Bedroom Storage Ideas: 24 Design Hacks You’ll Love

Maison Tall Boy and chest of drawers

With the fast pace of life, your home should be a sanctuary. Nothing is worse than coming home to a mess, so bring on the organization with our top tips for effective bedroom storage solutions.

In fact, decluttering your life has proven to help reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Having old bills, receipts and junk out in the open easily distracts – clutter in your home unconsciously provokes clutter in the mind.

So where to start uncluttering? Here are our top storage hacks for the bedroom:

Aside from your main bedroom furnishings, you can employ original storage ideas throughout your room, from hidden caches to vertical displays, or dual function items for all your specific needs.

The first step is to sort through items, purge anything unnecessary, and then create designated spaces for everything remaining.

Storage ideas for shoes

Multiple shoes can provide a problem in many people’s wardrobes. Don’t even try reasoning which pairs are vital to your partner’s daily needs and which are basically ornamental. It’s a never-ending battle! Instead, it may be best to admit defeat and find ways to keep those heels, flats and wedges stockpiled in a neat and discreet way.


Polaroid shoe boxes

Labels are an organizer’s dream. We love this idea from Brit + Co: Take Polaroids of your shoes and stick them on the outside of your shoebox to make it easy to track down that prized pair of heels when you’re in a rush

By having shoes in matching containers, you make what could have been a mess into a well-organized feature wall in your closet. It’s great for the shoe lover who wants to show where all their money goes.

Ladder Shoe Storage

Want to find an alternative to the classic bedroom shelves? Try painting an old wooden ladder for a distinct heel rack, as DIY Enthusiasts did.

Storage ideas for clothing


Keep all your clothing out of plain sight, yet accessible for an early morning pre-coffee routine. With extra storage, we don’t have to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and put shoes in the kitchen cupboards.

Here are a few space-saving tips to keep the perfect outfit within easy reach:


Light vertical drawers

A vertical tallboy dresser can keep clothing out of sight yet close by, while taking up minimal floor space. Avoid bulky dark pieces of furniture; light-coloured items add an airy feel instead of weighing down a limited space.

Our favourite tallboy of the moment is the Ethan Narrow Chest of Drawers; it’s Scandinavian style is simple yet stylish, making it versatile for a variety of rooms. Deep drawers and the tall height make it the perfect storage solution for folded clothes or intimates.

Drawer dividers

Keeping on the theme of chest of drawers, use simple drawer dividers to separate socks, undergarments, belts and so on. This idea works especially well if you have a large amount of storage space in which your items could get easily lost, such as with our Ethan wide chest of drawers.

Vacuum seal your clothes

Vacuum seal out-of-season items and stow the packs away in one of our gas lift beds to free up closet space. Under bed storage is an extremely effective way to maximise space in smaller homes, great for storing extra blankets, bags and bulkier items. When combined with a feature bed head like our Emily gas lift bed frame, you have a beautiful looking bed which provides invaluable storage options.

Space saving clothes hangers

We’re all familiar with the closet clogged with too many clothes hangers. Reduce the clutter with a clothes hanger capable of holding multiple items to maximize your wardrobe space.

Colour code your clothes

Arrange clothing by colours to organize a closet that is tight on space. You will have no worries trying to seamlessly find what you are looking for with this type of organisation!

Create shower ring scarf hangers

Placing shower rings on a clothes hanger. You can loop your scarves through them to keep each one tidy and accessible when a chill hits.

Use an extra coat rack

An extra clothes rack can help keep shoes off the floor and bulky jackets organized in a corner of the room.

Corner clothes rack

How about this cute and clever idea from Radical Possibility? Use a short bit of steel pipe and some elbow joints to create your own DIY corner clothes rack. It’s a super smart way to eliminate space by making the most of your corners.

Storage ideas for jewellery and makeup

A small space calls for creativity. Jewellery is designed to be seen, so it’s the perfect item to have on display. Drape it on a bust or hang it from the corner of a mirror.

On the other hand, many women are product junkies with bottles upon bottles of half-empty foundations, lotions and outdated eyeshadow colours lingering in drawers or cluttering the vanity unit.

So the idea with jewellery and makeup is to dedicate a space for the things you use on a daily basis. Stash away those items that only get pulled out on special occasions.


Screw hooks cork board hanger

For a quirky twist (literally!), simply head down to your local Bunnings for a pack of low-cost screw hooks. Simply attach them to a cork board for a unique necklace hanger.

Picture frame hanging display

In this idea from Mornington Creativity, a picture frame strung with chicken wire makes for a great for a hanging display for earrings.

Hanging pots

In this brainwave idea, Bustle avoids countertop clutter by keeping daily necessities within easy reach with a towel rack, some hooks and little pots.

Used bottle bracelet holders

A classy and clever upcycling idea is to scrub out and polish some used glass bottles. Peel off the labels and whack them in the dishwater till they shine.

Jewellery branch

If you love the rustic look, nothing beats a jewellery branch to draw a bit of Mother Nature into your jewellery display. It can be an easy DIY if you scrounge around for some good quality branches to store in a vase or you can get extra crafty with this DIY tutorial for a proper branch stand.

Toothbrush holders

A decorative toothbrush holder can also hold your makeup brushes to create a minimalist, organized countertop.

Storage ideas for toys

To avoid your kid’s room looking like a playground, the key to toy storage is concealment. Bins, boxes and storage ottomans can keep your space from looking like it is overrun by children. As we said, constant clutter can wreak havoc on the mind.


Over-the-door shoe hangers

The over-the-door shoe organiser strikes again! Parents Magazine keeps the endless Barbies neat and visible in a translucent shoe organiser, perfectly out of sight but easily accessible when needed.

Egg carton Barbie accessories holder

A little container with dividers such as an egg carton will also be a great place to keep all Barbie’s shoes together so she’ll always have the best possible outfit.

Fabric baskets

Collapsible fabric baskets are a versatile and fashionable way to store toys, blankets and stuffed animals. They’re also easy and light enough to move from bedroom to playroom or to fold up and tuck away in the closet when not in use.

Storage ideas for keepsakes

We’ve all been guilty of keeping sentimental items well past their prime. While some items can add an eclectic vibe to a room, Nana’s old Tiffany lamp might not match with your modern style. So it’s best to keep a few significant items instead of being bogged down with every blurry photo your uncle ever took at Christmas over the years. For those few treasured pieces you can’t discard, here are a few inspired storage options:


Vintage suitcases

A few vintage suitcases stacked in a room add an interesting focal point as well extra storage space. It’s certainly more appealing than the classic accordion folder. With the ability to add a lock, you can keep precious memories neatly stored and secure.

Digital storage

Scan photos, meaningful artwork from kids, and your favourite essays from school and store them on your computer. Keep them in binders labelled by contents, instead of hidden in a box, to reduce physical clutter.

Decorative displays

Instead of tossing photos, birthday cards and memorabilia in boxes, consider putting them on display with decorative wire and clips.

Seeing cherished items out on display instead of forgotten in the back on the closet will not only be a personalized decorative piece, but also will evoke fond memories every time you look at it.

Storage ideas for linens

Linens aren’t the prettiest item to keep on display, but it makes sense to keep them within easy reach of your bed. These following ideas combine functionality with fashion to maximize your bedroom’s potential. Having smart furniture for your space helps keep your linen from clogging draws and piling up in the wardrobe.

Storage ottomans

A hollow ottoman is a clever piece of furniture that can add extra stylish storage for linens, blankets or pillows. Try tucking one into a corner, at the end of your bed or inside your walk-in-robe (it doubles as a seat for early mornings when getting dressed can be a chore!).

Bed frames with storage

If your room lacks the square-footage for more bulky storage options, a super storage hack is to stash away items under the bed.

A gas lift storage bed makes tucking your linens away much easier and keeps your space sleek. As a bonus, it eliminates the need for an ugly dust ruffle which never complete obscures your suitcase and storage boxes.

Ready to declutter?

Your bedroom should be one of the calmest and cosiest spaces in your home, free from noise and clutter yet filled with those items most dear to you. We hope these tricks and suggestions have inspired you to create your ideal bedroom when short on space. Looking for some more inspiration? Check out our beautiful selection of Bedroom Furniture, quilted bed heads, stunning armchairs and super stylish storage is just the beginning…

Stella King Gaslift Bed Frame with underbed storage

Want more fun bedroom hacks to personalise your sleeping space?  Learn how to improve your sleep so you can wake up ready for a new day every day!

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