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Charming wingback chairs

Nothing adds more class and elegance to your home more quickly than adding a wingback...

Charming wingback chairs

Nothing adds more class and elegance to your home more quickly than adding a wingback chair. Whether it is reading a book, a beautiful addition to a nursery or simply relaxing, Brosa's wingback chairs provide a great selection of soft fabrics and plush cushioning that make it easy to unwind after a long day. When added to a matching sofa or couch from Brosa's large collection, you can easily create your perfect living space.

Sophisticated styling with a wing chair

Our collection of wingback chairs for sale is designed to inspire and delight both you and your guests. Replace your tired lounge chairs with a modern wingback chair available in a range of styles from modern to rustic french provincial

A single piece or set? The choice is yours.

Our modern wing chairs are a great choice to replace your outdated dining chairs. Their minimalistic style allows them to be a beautifully understated edition to your dining area. Reward yourself with a dining set that not only serves a practical purpose, but one of style and aesthetics as well.


A wing chair is the perfect mix of opulence and simplicity needed for a feature piece. The classic design paired with modern colours and construction techniques create a stunning and sophisticated accent chair for your space.



The trick to styling your home is to select the right feature pieces for each space. Instead of trekking from store to store comparing styles, colours and forgetting exactly what shade of green your curtains are, Brosa allows you to shop our entire collection online. Without having to leave your home you can easily select the next designer armchair to complete that new nursery or office space.



A unique collection of winged armchairs for sale


Our prices are highly competitive compared to traditional furniture showrooms. Brosa cuts out the need for importers, wholesalers and retailers, bringing these pieces to you direct from the designers themselves. Take advantage of our lower prices and select from our huge range of wingback chairs for sale.


Browse our collection online or call us on 1300 027 672 to speak to one of our representatives. Choose Brosa to be your furnishings partner and enjoy a new level of sophistication with beautiful wing chairs in your home.


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All Wingback Chairs

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