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Product description

  • Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light
    Twice the light

    Create a striking ambience inside your home with the Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light. With two light bulbs, it’s double the glow for gentle illumination. Browse other great lighting designs.

  • Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light
    Easy adjusting

    This wall light easily adjusts to your needs. Point the bulbs in opposite directions to spread the light. Or point them in the same direction to increase the lighting in one area.

  • Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light
    Designed to last

    We designed these lights with steel and wood. Sturdy and strong, the materials create an industrial yet rustic feel.

  • Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light
    Share the spotlight

    Use this dual light to direct the attention of your guests. Place a table underneath it and show off family photos. Or place some frames above it for a gorgeous glow. Complete your style with other designs from our decor collection.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Zuni Dual Shade Wall Light
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What other customers are saying

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