Product description

  • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
    Dining Flavour

    Featuring plush velvet upholstery juxtaposed against a rudimentary black frame, Sophie will inject a heavy dose of flavour into your kitchen. Be it a touch of colour in a minimal setting, or the cherry on top of something more outspoken, Sophie is an elegant addition to your home.

  • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
    French Inspired

    This design is reminiscent of french parlour style, but with an ultra-modern feeling. The sumptuous velvet upholstery will easily accommodate guests for casual wine conversations in the kitchen. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this style is anything but minimal.

  • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
    Simple Silhouette

    The matt black powder-coated metal frame is enduring in style and finish. This simple finish creates a sharp silhouette that is understated and easy to work into your look. Velvet is a forgiving fabric, but do remove stains immediately by spot cleaning to keep it looking brand new. 

  • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
    Perfect Fit

    The 75 cm seat height makes this bar stool perfect for bench and table heights between 93 and 103 cm. This will ensure enough clearance for your guest to sit in comfort with ergonomics in mind.

The Brosa Softness Scale

Our Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools have a Supportive softness level rating.

Supportive gives a firmer hold means you will feel comfortable and supported.

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    • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
    • Sophie Set of 2 Bar Stools
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