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Product description

  • Sloan Electric Recliner
    Recliner Revolution

    The Sloan Electric Recliner is organic cool with a heart of modern relaxation. No ordinary armchair, this sleek modern design takes the comfort of an old fashioned recliner and wraps it in a sleek über cool package. 


  • Sloan Electric Recliner
    Ultimate Relaxed Style

    If cool modern is your thing, you will love this armchair. This style is slick and modern but still able to fully recline most stylishly. Add to your favourite reading corner or your living area for ultimate binge-watching. Or deck your media room out with one each for everyone in the family!


  • Engineered for Comfort

    The German engineered motor and recline mechanism, the Sloan smoothly glides into the variety of relaxing positions with the click of a button. Put your feet up, or go to full recline and really chill. And the understated control is neatly tucked away between the cushions, perfectly hidden at your fingertips. 

  • Sloan Electric Recliner
    Easy Care

    Want to feel completely relaxed? Sloan is upholstered in a moisture repellent fabric so little spills don’t spell the end of the world! Simply blot spills immediately with a clean paper towel until the moisture has been absorbed.


The Brosa Softness Scale

Our Sloan Electric Recliner has a Snug softness level rating.

Snug is not too soft, but not too firm. A cosy comfort level with subtle support.

Product Details

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    • Sloan Electric Recliner
    • Sloan Electric Recliner
    • Sloan Electric Recliner
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What other customers are saying
  • Everything was easy and great! Customer service is also excellent!

    "Who knew a recliner could be so chic?"

    Kaitlyn Ham (Brosa Collaborator)

  • "No longer for your grandparents', this piece is a modern contemporary take on the most comfortable classic".

    Elle Ferguson (Brosa Collaborator)

    "... a seriously stylish recliner - who knew!"

    Holly Titheridge (Brosa Collaborator)

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