Product description

  • Shimmer Outdoor Stool
    Versatile style

    Style the Shimmer in a space that could use an extra seat. Indoors or out in the garden. For more outdoor options see our complete collection.

  • Shimmer Outdoor Stool
    Protective finish

    A water based finish protects this piece from daily wear and tear. So you can feel comfortable styling it amongst the outdoor elements.  

  • Shimmer Outdoor Stool
    Gold gleam

    Made from cement, the Shimmer is solid and smooth. With a compact size you can move around as you need. The low-lustre grey is offset by a gorgeous gold gleam. The look is industrial yet glam.

  • Shimmer Outdoor Stool
    All that shimmers

    Shimmer and shine with the Shimmer Outdoor Stool. This nifty design doubles as a seat and surface space. For indoor or outdoor areas that could use a bit of shine. See more stools from our range.


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  • Shimmer outdoor stool 03
  • Shimmer outdoor stool 02
  • Shimmer outdoor stool 04
Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Shimmer Outdoor Stool
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What other customers are saying

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