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Product description

  • Pima Cotton Pumice Duvet Cover Set
    From drab to fab

    Add a subtle touch of colour with our Pima Cotton Pumice Duvet Cover Set. Inspired by the sandy shades of volcanic rocks, the neutral colour complements your bedroom's surroundings. Pair it with the Pima Cotton Pumice Standard Sheet Set. This set includes a Duvet Cover and two Standard Pillow Cases (one for Single Set).

  • Pima Cotton Pumice Duvet Cover Set
    Comfortable cotton

    Why cotton, you ask? It's a breathable fabric, and transfers moisture away from the skin. This makes it ideal for every season, whether hot or cold.

  • Pima Cotton Pumice Duvet Cover Set
    Designed for durability

    Here's a fun fact: the higher the thread, the softer the fabric is. This one has a thread count of 500, making it exceptionally soft to the touch. Almost like touching a cloud. The high thread also makes it super durable. Sink in, tuck in, sleep in without worrying about ripping.

  • Pima Cotton Pumice Duvet Cover Set
    Comfort starts in bedroom

    Whether its saying good morning or goodnight, make your bed your ultimate go-to destination. Pair this duvet cover set with more from our Bedding Collection.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

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What other customers are saying
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