Product description

  • Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise
    Scandinavian inspired

    Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise is Scandinavian inspired designer centrepiece that you've been dreaming of. Full of functionalities and style. It's all in one.

  • Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise
    Lay back and chill

    There's plenty of space for you to lounge all day. This is the couch that you won't want to get out of. Enjoy every moment.

  • Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise
    Built for quality

    Quality means everything for us. Legs crafted from solid oak, which stands for its durability and beauty. Upholstered with our in-house linen-blend Signature Collection and smooth Classic Collection.

  • Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise
    Design your living room

    With such a stunning centrepiece, you'd want to make the most out of it. Shop our wide range of designer living room furniture to get what you want. We've got it sorted for you.

The Brosa Softness Scale

Our Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise has a Snug softness level rating.

Snug is not too soft, but not too firm. A cosy comfort level with subtle support.


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    • Oslo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise
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What other customers are saying
What other customers are saying
  • Excellent service and product just could speed up the process so there isn't such a long time to wait for the beautiful lounge

    Delivery guys were friendly and helpful. Assembled the furniture well.
    The wrong side of chaise was ordered for us by one of the staff which was a little disappointing. I hope that it will be more clear on the terminology of left and right chaise as it is very confusing for the customers. (i.e. left chaise meant that it was on the right side of the sofa).

  • Beautiful piece. Easy process. Love it

    I really love the couch and the delivery time was exceptional. I've been eyeing a Brosa couch for months and wish I would have bought it sooner.

  • Very impressed with the prompt service, and friendly delivery guys. I felt very informed throughout the whole process. Good Price and quality of the product itself also. Will be back!

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