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Product description

  • Nancy Bedside Table
    Timeless and trendy

    Bring beauty to the bedroom with the Nancy Bedside Table. It has a classic design, with a cool curved base. Timeless and trendy. Coordinate the piece with the rest of the Nancy Collection.

  • Nancy Bedside Table
    Simple beauty

    Sometimes it’s the most simple designs that steal our heart. The Nancy has gorgeous clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. With a compact size that’s perfect for squeezing into small corners.

  • Nancy Bedside Table
    Refined style

    The grain is streaky and smooth. The chocolate brown colour is elegantly ageless. It’s the perfect choice for a home that has a refined sense of style. Each piece is unique, so welcome this one-of-a-kind design into your home.

  • Nancy Bedside Table
    Mess be gone

    Tuck away mess into the soft-close drawer of the Nancy. The surface has enough room to fit a lamp, book and glass of water. You’ll wonder how you managed before it. See more bedside table designs.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Nancy Bedside Table
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What other customers are saying

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