Product description

  • Maki Sofa Bed
    Minimal elegance

    Sometimes, elegance is all about simplicity. Introducing the Maki Sofa Bed, inspired by Japanese classic design. It is understated in a way that helps it to stand out wherever it finds a home.

  • Maki Sofa Bed
    Cool colours

    The colours Storm Grey and Dark Gull Grey are cool in appearance. Completed with warm natural solid birch wood legs.

  • Maki Sofa Bed
    Conveniently versatile

    Of course, versatility is what this Maki Sofa Bed is all about. Whether you expect and welcome guests, or need to let an unexpected arrival rest their sleepy head for a night or two, your Maki is conveniently up to the task.

  • Maki Sofa Bed
    Comfortable seat

    As daylight returns, it folds back up into its main role as a comfortable and welcoming seat in your living room or other rooms - allowing you to 'Maki' the best of all available space!

  • Superbly soft
  • Pleasantly plush
  • Mellow medium
  • Softly supportive
  • Super supportive
  • Soft
  • Firm

Softness level - Pleasantly plush

Relatively soft. Subtly smooth. You’ll feel it fit to the contours of your body when you sit. It gives you a cosy place to recline with gentle support touch and feel the different levels of softness at our Studio by Brosa.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Maki Sofa Bed
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What other customers are saying

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