Product description

  • Leo Arc Table Lamp
    Simple and Elegant

    When elegance meets simplicity, you get the Leo Arc Table Lamp. This refined design is a minimalists dream. Perfect for adding a cosy hue to your room in the most sophisticated way possible. 

  • Leo Arc Table Lamp
    Winning Combinations

    The Leo is all slender lines and smooth surfaces, with a gentle curve for perfect positioning. It all comes together in this winning design. Create your own winning combination with other lamps from our lighting collection.

  • Leo Arc Table Lamp
    Get it Glowing

    The shade of the Leo floor lamps is lined with a divine metalic gold material that creates a vibrant reflection and a gorgeous hue. It perfectly pools the light under the lampshade, creating a warm glow across the space. 

  • Leo Arc Table Lamp
    See the Light

    The perfect lighting landscape takes a space from nice to heavenly. Perfect lighting will leave you feeling invigorated or energised in work spaces and relaxed and calm in living areas. We recommend investing in LED Bulbs with a warm soft light, betweeen 2200 and 2700 Kelvin for the Leo lamp. Check out the rest of our lighting range and create your perfect lighting landscape here.


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    Leo Arc Table Lamp
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    Because we had a nice shopping experience on the website, product at reasonable price and good quality and delivery service was efficient

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