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Product description

  • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
    Read, set, party!

    Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set is the perfect set for friends and family gatherings. Seat 6 at the table or stack a few chairs at your leisure. More than enough space for food, drinks and games.

  • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
    Comfortable outdoor

    Make your outdoor space comfortable, especially when you're dining. Enjoy the nature in the right seat. Ipanema Outdoor Dining Chairs are designed with the curves to support your back, with a eucalyptus arm rest to rest your arms.

  • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
    Natural design

    The solid eucalyptus table top of Ipanema Outdoor Dining Table is designed to fit in the outdoor environment. With black metal legs to support the design.

  • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
    Get more space

    You're getting more outdoor space with the Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set. More space to sit and more space to enjoy your outdoor family times.

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  • Dimensions and Weights

    • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
    • Ipanema Outdoor Dining Set
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Commonly asked questions

Commonly asked questions

  • How do I care for my outdoor furniture?

    You can find all the information you need to care for your beautiful outdoor furniture here

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    You can find all the information you need to care for your beautiful outdoor furniture here

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