Product description

  • Indoor Timber Furniture Care Kit
    Rejuvenate and Enhance

    The Care Cover Indoor Timber Care Kit is a simple two-step system to help rejuvenate and enhance the natural finish of your indoor timber furniture, protecting it from discolouring, drying, ageing and staining. The products effectively remove grime and build up from timber furniture, while nourishing and enhancing lustre.

  • Indoor Timber Furniture Care Kit
    A Stain Resistent Future

    The Care Cover Indoor Timber Protective Cream prevents liquid and food from absorbing into and staining timber (furniture) surfaces. Images show results when tested with soft drink, red wine and water on a timber surface (after application of product). The timber simply wipes clean, with no signs of staining.

  • Indoor Timber Furniture Care Kit
    Natural Protection

    The Care Cover indoor timber care products will not affect the look, feel or condition of timber and are designed to leave no surface residue. Unlike other timber care products that use solvent based ingredients which can potentially damage a timber's surface, Care Cover products contain natural oils that provide effective protection without building up. For more information refer to the Material Data Sheet for these products. 

  • Indoor Timber Furniture Care Kit
    Kit Contents

    • 1x 250mL Bottle of Cleanser and Conditioner to wash and enhance natural timber grain, highlight colour to help maintain the timber finish.

    • 1 x 250mL Bottle of Protective Cream to provide a protective layer that helps prevent your timber from drying and ageing and protects against stains absorbing into the timber grain.

    • 1 x Microfibre Cloth to apply product

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