Product description

  • Henley Low Set Coffee Table
    Perfectly Balanced

    Every angle of the Henley Low Set Coffee Table imbues a sense of order and balance. Bringing earthiness and meditation to modernism, this piece of furniture will sit perfectly in a Contemporary or even Mid-Century setting. Get some tips for perfectly styling your coffee table here


  • Henley Low Set Coffee Table
    Time for Timelessness

    Polished, sturdy and engineered for endurance. The silhouette of the Henley Low Set Coffee Table is unique yet timeless. This piece is the perfect all-rounder and will still feel at home in your living room as other trends come and go. 

  • Henley Low Set Coffee Table
    Stay Grounded

    Lend extra height to your ceilings with low set furniture. A clever designers trick for a spacious home when space is tight. Match the Henley Low Set Coffee Table with our low slung sofas such as Drake and Seta for an uber cool look that is perfectly on trend. 



  • Henley Low Set Coffee Table
    Classy Oak Finish

    Dark and soulful or light and eye catching, either way you can’t go wrong with the Walnut or White Oak Veneer. Our high quality luxurious veneer emits an air of sophistication, and leaves a smooth, easy to clean surface.

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    • Henley Low Set Coffee Table
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  • Good delivery and attention. Table is really nice and true to picture. Love the design

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