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Product description

  • Greywing Mattress
    Introducing the Greywing

    Our friends at Greywing have engineered an outrageously comfortable mattress that adapts to your sleeping position and body shape. Each mattress is made with adaptive memory foam, a responsive comfort layer that promotes airflow, and a climate-sensitive cover to warm in winter and prevent overheating in summer.

  • Greywing Mattress
    Try it first

    Try your Greywing mattress at home for 100 nights. If it's not right, Greywing will pick it up free of charge and give you a full refund - simple! If you love it, you're set for thousands of sleeps with Greywing's 15-year warranty.

  • Greywing Mattress
    Perfect comfort

    Not too soft and not too hard, the Greywing has been designed to give you the perfect night's rest. Did we mention that the Greywing is made in Australia with the very best adaptive materials to prevent partner disturbance?

  • Greywing Mattress
    Locally and lovingly made

    Each Greywing is handcrafted in our locally based workshops. Using a marriage of premium adaptive memory foam, a responsive comfort layer completely unique to Greywing, and a high-density dispersive support layer, the mattress is suitable for all hard sleep surfaces such as box-springs, slatted frames or even just the floor!

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Greywing Mattress
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Commonly asked questions

Commonly asked questions

  • What's the difference between the old Greywing Mattress and the new one?
    We replaced the latex layer for a Responsive Comfort Layer. This unique material provides support and ensures no partner disturbance. Its open cell design also prevents overheating and promotes natural airflow. Read More We replaced the latex layer for a Responsive Comfort Layer. This unique material provides support and ensures no partner disturbance. Its open cell design also prevents overheating and promotes natural airflow. Read Less
  • Is the seat cover removable?
    Yes, the cover of the Greywing is removable, but we do not recommend removing it. Read More Yes, the cover of the Greywing is removable, but we do not recommend removing it. Read Less
  • Why did we change the latex layer to a Responsive Comfort Layer?
    Our new Greywing has improved in both quality and price. We also worked with our makers to ensure the whole product is made in Australia. Read More Our new Greywing has improved in both quality and price. We also worked with our makers to ensure the whole product is made in Australia. Read Less
  • Is this mattress flexible to work on a range of bed bases?
    Yes, the Greywing mattress can work on a range of bed base types. Read More Yes, the Greywing mattress can work on a range of bed base types. Read Less
What other customers are saying
What other customers are saying
  • I've had my Greywing for about 4 months now and am getting the best sleep of my life. I wanted to write a review so people know that Greywing is definitely worth the investment. Thanks for delivering an awesome product my entire experience has been wonderful. Please let me know if you start making pillows!

    We were so thrilled when we received our Greywing, we couldn't wait to open it! It arrived within 3 days, along with a handwritten note thanking us for our purchase! The first couple of nights felt strange, going from an old spring mattress to latex. The 100 nights trial offer gives you a peace of mind, the manual mentions that it takes a little while to get used to sleeping on a latex mattress if you are changing from spring mattress and to at least give it 30 nights before calling it quits... So we did, and we couldn't be happier! We bought the King - minimal partner disturbance, we wake up fresher and my favourite part is that it's all Australian made! Thank you GREYWING

  • After one week on the new mattress find that I wake in the mornings without back pain or joint stiffness. Would recommend this mattress to anyone who has back problems or joint issues as it feels like your whole body is supported and not just the bits that stick out out the furthest.

    After hearing about Greywing months ago on Facebook and umming and aahing as to whether I should buy a mattress online, I decided to just do it. Then I saw on their website that they had opened a showroom space at their office in Collingwood (perfect!). I arrived and was greeted warmly by Richard who took me through the design of the mattress, why they chose the materials they did and how they benefit the sleeper. Not only that, they are made to order here in Melbourne and the cover is hand sewn. I love locally made, quality products and this is what sets Greywing apart. Richard was incredibly down to earth and relaxed and allowed me to take time laying on their demo Greywing. Upon first contact, the mattress feels firm. A lot firmer than the very soft mattress I've slept on for the past 11 years. But once you lay there for a moment you can feel how every part of you is so perfectly supported. I felt more aligned both laying on it and once I stood up. Richard returned and asked me what I thought and I was eager to secure my very own Greywing. With 100 night trial period and 0% finance, the deal was pretty much done but it was the customer experience that sealed it. I've worked in retail my entire career and it's rare that I am treated to exceptional customer service. Richard and the whole team made everything so pleasant. There was no "hard sell", no pressure. He believes in his product and purely let it speak for itself. I'm adopting his line "I'm not a salesman, I just work here" :) My Greywing arrived 2 days later, in its box and I couldn't wait to video the unboxing. It's quite a surreal experience watching a mattress grow before your eyes. After a few minutes, it was ready and I lay down and knew I had made the right decision. I have slept on my Greywing for 5 nights now and true to their words, my days are without doubt brighter due to this mattress. The lower back and neck pain I was experiencing has all but disappeared and I am sleeping through the night without waking up! Unheard of for me! My partner struggles to get up in the morning because it's just so comfortable. Oh, and there's 0 partner disturbance too. Regardless of whether you can make it to their showroom or not, this mattress is the goods. This company is the goods. Every claim they make is genuine. They are exceptional people making an exceptional product right here in Australia. There's not much better than that :-D Thanks for making my life better! I wish you guys every success, Chris M.

  • Just a week into my purchase of a Greywing Mattress and it is feeling great thus far. Having come off from a very firm latex futon style mattress the transition has been very easy and comfortable with a great balance of firmness and softness that I was missing with my old style mattress. I've woken up a few times surprised at how comfortable I am.

    I didn't really know about foam mattresses as I've been using a spring for years. Already I've had the best sleep I've had in a long time using my new Greywing. Combine the mattress with some memory foam pillows and you won't regret it!

  • I spent hours at bedding shops trying various mattresses, in the end I just couldn't be bothered and bought this mattress online. I am very glad that I did! There are lots of similar mattresses online and I am proud to have supported a new Aussie company. Physical appearance: The side of the mattress is grey and makes the mattress very unique/gorgeous. Don't be fooled by how the mattress is packed, because the mattress is much deeper, heavier (perhaps put the weight of the mattress with the dimensions of the mattress description) and firmer than expected. Comfort level: My mattress is extremely comfortable. No complaints after 4 months. I am keeping this mattress. Best mattress I have owned so far. Experience with the company: As this was an online purchased, I had some reservations, but Greywing confirmed that they would pick up the mattress if I was not satisfied within 100 nights. Greywing has followed up a few times about whether I am happy with the mattress, so it is always nice to know a company cares about improvement and provides after sales support.

    I love the Greywing mattress. It supports all around with no pressure points. I awake after a good nights sleep fresh and ready for another day. Thank you Greywing for your great product and really good service. Cheers Bob.

  • Before this mattress I had a King Single mattress (spring mattress), which was good, however it did funny things to my back, and did heat up quite quickly. First night on my greywing was the most restful sleeps I have had in years. My partner who stays over on the weekends, could not agree more with that. She loves the mattress more than I do and finds any reason to lay on it. Thankyou very much. Will definitely be buying these in future if they are still around.

    Overall I'm thrilled with the Greywing. I'm thrilled that it will last apparently last a long time, my previous mattress cost over 2000 and only last two years despite having a 10 year "warranty" (which only covers the frame!) I love how it springs back into shape after use. My previous mattress was always saggy and horrible. I used to get back pain as my previous mattress sagged so my back was always a bit off. Nowadays I rarely have a sore back. This on it's own is well worth the money. I loved how it expanded the first time. I wish I got in on video. I like how it is delivered right to your door. You don't have to go to a gigantic confusing showroom and deal with pushy salesman and inflated overhead costs. I also like the fact that it does not have a soft, medium, hard, firm rating. These conventional ratings may be useful but they are too confusing. Not getting a choice about the firmness with greying is actually a good thing. Too much choice often means a decision is not made. My only gripe with it is the box and packaging. It's huge. It's still in my house as I can't fit it into the garbage bin and since we use the space in the bin pretty well it's hard to find space in the bin to get rid of it. It would be good if you could have collected the box afterwards.

  • My partner and I love our Greywing mattress! We find we don't wake up tossing and turning anymore like we used to. I would definitely recommend this mattress, such a lovely company aswell!

    We've now slept on our new mattress for just over two weeks and are very happy. It took a couple of nights to get used to it, every time I rolled over I woke up because the mattress wasn't responding the way I was used to, but that is now gone. More importantly, I wanted to congratulate you on your business model. I first saw your ad come past on Facebook. I've never bought anything through Facebook ads, they are generally quite annoying. But since we had been looking for a new mattress for a while and the tag line was catchy (well done) I clicked through. From there it was a no-brainer. We've looked at everything from springs to latex, with the latter having preference from having tried them in the shop: but for the kind of money you are spending how is five minutes in the shop going to help you make up your mind? So, when you offered 100 days money back guarantee I could not think of a compelling reason not to say 'YES'. Delivery was flawless and to find a personal hand-written note with my purchase: brilliant! It makes you feel valued as a customer! Thanks again and all the best

  • I am writing to express my happiness with my Greywing mattress! I have enjoyed a week of excellent sleep. I am holding on from purchasing new pillows since I am waiting for Greywing to launch their pillows :) I am also saving to purchase Greywing mattresses for my daughters! Thank you for such an excellent product and I will certainly be recommending Greywing to my friends.

    My partner and I love our Greywing. We love its firmness as it is helping alleviate hip and back pain, we love that movements on one side of the bed don't effect a partner who is asleep. Would highly recommend these mattresses.

  • To be honest, I didn't quite know what to expect before I got to try the Greywing mattress. It turned out to be so comfortable! I felt I was getting hotel quality sleep right at home. As I'm juggling a demanding corporate job and a growing business, I can't be more thankful for the restful nights I get to enjoy thanks to Greywing mattress. It's impressive too that the mattress came neatly packed in a box and the whole process was so hassle free compared to going to a showroom far from where I live to buy a mattress. All in all, I had a great experience and I look forward to sharing about Greywing with my followers!

    Ive purchased some ridiculously expensive mattresses in my time and all have failed to give me a comfortable night sleep for longer than 6 months. So after many months of searching I found the Greywing Mattress just before I committed to purchasing a Sleepy-duck Mattress. Both offered similar positives with 100 nights trial, but the springs are what put me off the Sleepy-duck in the end, combined with the Greywing reviews. I was excited when I finally committed to my purchase and dreading it at the same time was disappointment looming! I was honestly so nervous it took me 2 hours to actually lay on my new Greywing Mattress. One wordAMAZING. The Greywing is firm but soft to touch and then you sit on it and its soft but amazingly supportive and then you lay on it and its firm but its soft but not saggy soft, supportive soft. Its therapeutic soft and comfortable and amazingly supportive. I don't feel a thing when my kids or partner jump into bed. I wake up every morning now feeling like Ive just walked out of a massage parlor. Im relaxed and fresh because Im so darn comfortable all night long. I used to wake up feeling like Id slipped some spinal disks during my sleep and my hips hurt if I ended up laying on my side. I used to get acupuncture for my back and neck pain. Now nothing hurts. My Greywing Mattress and Bamboo Pillow are a match made in heaven. I never write reviews because product disappointment is all too common these days but Im so happy with my Greywing I want people to know. I absolutely love my Greywing Mattress.

  • Great concept. Super-helpful staff. Wonderful product and follow-up. Highly recommend. :)

    Struggle with back and neck issues, always had the spring type mattress and never could get a solid 2-3 hours sleep with out repositioning the body to reduce aches/pains. Next option was to perhaps go all out and spend thousands on an expensive mattress or try another option before i do that which was to try out a memory foam type mattress. Wasn't able to go into a store to try one out so i went online and stumbled upon Greywing and took a gamble with purchasing a king Single and it arrived fairly quickly from Melbourne and have only slept in it for a couple of nights and i could already notice the difference. Mainly taking the tention off my joints and positioning my body posture in a postion which doesn't constantly wake me up throughout the night.

  • Over the years I hav spent thousands of $ on expensive mattresses but still woke up with sore ribs and back. I then came across Greywing. At first I was unsure due to how affordable it was so as they claimed money back if not suitable within 100 days I purchased 1. Omg best thing Ive ever done. Since day 1 I have woken in no pain and so well rested I never want to get out of bed. I highly recommend Greywing.

    Purchased a Greywing mattress from a truly delightful group of people, sadly, due to my husband's arthritic condition, the firm surface was not appropriate. Greywing arranged for the mattress to be picked up by the Salvation Army and donated to that charity, and they promptly refunded the purchase price. In a world of at best average performing companies, it is a pleasure to deal with a company that goes further in customer service, and does it with such good grace. Congratulations to all at Greywing.

  • We purchased a Greywing mattress last year, and have been incredibly satisfied with the service, the quality of the product and the terrific comfort the mattress has provided. At night 4 we realised that we'd not need the 100 night guarantee, as we had sleep better than ever before. As a testament to this, I work call and am called out at night. One night I had 3 call outs, and in the morning my wife said gee, you had a quiet night. She hadn't event felt me move in the bed!!! Awesome product.

    The customer service at Greywing has been excellent, they are only interested in making the experience enjoyable. We had some incompatibility issues with the mattress not adjusting to compensate for my size vs my wife's (I am taller), and they provided us with a solution that worked well, all in the spirit of fixing something that want working as well as it could. Highly recommend them, and a special call-out to Tom at Greywing!! Well done....

  • We are so happy with our purchase! This is the best mattresses we ever slept on and we have been looking for a memory foam mattress for months. We usually don't buy online, but the 100 night try period and the reviews convinced us to give it a go! BEST DECISION EVER!

    After staying with our son fior a few days and sleeping on a thin camping mattress on the floor, my husband and I both commented in the morning how much bettering an usual our backs felt when we arose. When we got home I googled hard mattresses ( floor sleeping was not really an option) and was directed to the greaywing site. What's to lose I thought, 100 days to try it out, delivered to your door, picked up again if rejected. We decided to give it a try. We went to the outlet where we were able to talk about it to a charming young man and took the plunge. Our hundred days are nearly up and both our backs and hips are much much less painful. We do miss the cosyness of our old mattress. We feel we lie on bed now rather than snuggle in. It is not a snuggle mattress. We will definitely be keeping it. It has been wonderful for out backs. Also we appreciate the lack of interference rolling over has on the other person. Greywing has been a great find. We would suggest that anyone with back pain in the morning give it a try.

  • We purchased a Greywing mattress and were impressed with the speed of delivery and communication. The quality of the mattress construction is first rate. Unfortunately we found the mattress too firm - we are both side sleepers. We contacted Greywing who promptly organised for the mattress to be collected by the Salvation Army and a full credit was processed thereafter. We'd like to acknowledge the great service provided by Greywing and regret the mattress was not quite right for us.

    Delivery was prompt, set up extremely easy and fast! Unfortunately, I had to utilise the 100 night money back guarantee as the mattress was much too firm for me. I previously had a natural latex mattress. Greywing organised the Salvos to collect within about a week of my refund request and refunded my card in full within 5 days of the mattress being collected. Thank you Greywing.

  • Friendly, prompt capable service and good prices

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