Product description

  • Frans Large Cushion 60 x 60cm
    Soften up

    Bring colour, texture and style to a space with the Frans Cushion. This soft stunner is the easiest way to revamp a room. Perfect for a splash of colour, or place to rest your head. See more of our cushion designs.

  • Frans Large Cushion 60 x 60cm
    Feel the difference

    The cover comes in our Plush Velvet fabric. In a wide spectrum of shades from Scarlet to Indigo. The texture is like no other. Feel it, and you’ll see why.

  • Frans Large Cushion 60 x 60cm
    Tassel trend

    Tassels are trending, and the Frans is the easiest way to let your inner stylist shine. Four matching adornments are the perfect complement to this simple design.

  • Frans Large Cushion 60 x 60cm
    Duck feather filling

    The Frans is available in three sizes. Slim and slender, or simple and square. All filled with a generous Duck Feather Down. See the complete Frans Collection for more.


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    Frans Large Cushion 60 x 60cm
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  • Great quality! Fast shipping. We were receiving text updates before it arrived.

    very efficient service in delivery. We went to the showroom and had a pleasant experience

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