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  • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
    Crowd Pleaser

    Embrace your nostalgic flair with The Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs. The timeless timber frame means this beauty will slot in perfectly to a Mid-Century inspired home. Easton also works well in a coastal setting, thanks to the iconic duo of linen and rattan.

  • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
    Best of Both

    Easton features both a rattan backrest and an upholstered seat. Our Signature Premium fabric is a linen blend that pairs beautifully with the rich dark timber frame and rattan detail. Web rattan is a lovely sustainable material with a warm tone that brings texture to your room. It offers not only comfort but ventilation also.

  • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
    Simple Care

    Maintaining your Easton chairs is easy. Simply wipe down the frame and rattan with a lightly dampened cloth as needed. For seat spills, we recommend spot cleaning with our Fabric Care Kit.

  • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
    Clear Quality

    Easton is quality-constructed from solid walnut beech timber with a clear stain, paired with a comfortable and durable foam seat filling. Our makers’ attention to detail means Easton is made to last.

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    • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
    • Easton Set of 2 Dining Chairs
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