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Product description

  • Dawe Bar Table
    Efficient and elegant

    The Dawe Bar Table is inspired by industrial. Combining simple, natural materials. It’s rustic and classic. Efficient design at its best. Complete the look and match it with the Dawe Bar Stool.

  • Dawe Bar Table
    Well rounded

    The smooth surface is round and polished. Made from solid Mango Wood. A strong and sustainable timber with subtle flashes of green, yellow and beige throughout the grain.

  • Dawe Bar Table
    Intricate frame

    The metal lacquered frame is slim and intricate. Showcasing the balanced structure of the piece. It comes in a dusty charcoal colour that complements the polished wood.

  • Dawe Bar Table
    Entertain in style

    The Dawe was made for entertaining. Gather round with friends and family and enjoy a drink, chat, or bite to eat. See more bar table designs from the complete range.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Dawe Bar Table
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What other customers are saying

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