Product description

  • Darby Round Dining Table 150cm
    Community Table

    The Darby Round Dining Table 150 cm features a classic square turned pedestal and an impressive tabletop. This beautiful table style has been a popular choice through the ages. From monastery to farmhouse, communities have been gathering to break bread at tables similar to this for centuries. 

  • Darby Round Dining Table 150cm
    Timeless Appeal

    Easily accommodating six seats, Darby is the perfect example of understated style that speaks volumes. The timeless appeal of this piece comes from its elegant simplicity. The carved leg quietly commands attention. An eye-catcher that continually pleases.

  • Darby Round Dining Table 150cm
    Sustainable Choice

    Mango Wood is a beautiful timber that is highly sustainable with lovely warm texture. Once the tree has stopped bearing fruit, it can be harvested for timber. Mango Wood is very similar to Teak, which has helped make it possible to regenerate Teak plantations around the world.

  • Darby Round Dining Table 150cm
    Uniquely Yours

    It is timber with a varying grain and colourful tones so no two pieces are the same. No matter which colour you choose, you are guaranteed a unique piece of furniture that you will treasure forever. 

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    • Darby Round Dining Table 150cm
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  • Great sturdy looking products. Great experience. After ordering I basically changed more than half of the order but customer services was more than happy to help.

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