Product description

  • Canes Floor Lamp
    Simply stylish

    There's beauty in simplicity. The Canes Floor Lamp knows this. Clean design, classic colours. Why over-complicate things? See more of our stylish lighting options.

  • Canes Floor Lamp
    Fits with ease

    Slim and sleek. The Canes is great for small corners. It's sturdy too. A circular steel base keeps it firmly in place.

  • Canes Floor Lamp
    Neutral tones

    The neutral tones work with any interior scheme. Pair it with anything from a red couch to a blue bed. The Canes caters to you.

  • Canes Floor Lamp
    An affordable look

    Timeless design and endless versatility. Coordinate your lighting and style the Canes in multiple places around the home. It's luxe lighting that'll cost you less.


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  • Siesta sofa bed dark gull grey 01
Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Canes Floor Lamp
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What other customers are saying

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