Bouverie Armchair

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Bouverie Armchair

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Product description

  • Rolled back beauty

    The Bouverie is an eye catching armchair with a gloriously fluid wing back design. The elegant armrests seamlessly roll into the wings of the chair creating a unique shape ideal as a statement piece in any living space or nursery.

  • Bouverie Armchair
    Accent studding

    Beautiful detailing is what elevates a piece from good to special. With the Bouverie armchair our design team have usedsilver studding across the armrest leading towards theback creating awelcome embellishment that accentuates the chairs unique curved shape.

  • Bouverie Armchair
    Fluid design

    From every angle the Bouverie is a piece that stands out. The rolled back design adds volume and balance while the curved lines createan effortless flow across the frame.

  • Bouverie Armchair
    A modern wing back design

    Unlike most wing back chairs that take theircuesfrom classical European styles, the Bouverie brings a new anglewith a rolled back design and accent studding on monochrome fabrics. The result is a contemporary interpretation that is equal parts classic and modern.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Bouverie Armchair
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What other customers are saying
What other customers are saying
  • When contacting the company for information they have been extremely helpful./

    Great product and price. Timely delivery.

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