Product description

  • Baroque Coffee Table
    Beautiful Baroque

    Just like its namesake, the Baroque Coffee Table is a celebration of regal design. A combination of colour and texture, it’s fit for royalty. So very Versailles. See more coffee table designs from our complete collection.

  • Baroque Coffee Table
    Timeless textures

    Glossy black marble. Shimmery gold metal. It’s an eye-catching union. These premium materials are timeless and strength tested. Designed to last you generations to come.

  • Baroque Coffee Table
    Delicate symmetry

    The round surface of the Baroque is mirrored in the base. With delicately curved sides. The slim lines create an illusion of more space. It’s all about symmetry and style.

  • Baroque Coffee Table
    Classy coffee

    Sit and have your coffee in style. The Baroque is an eye-catching addition to a room and makes a space feel more dressed up. Fancy and functional. See more living room designs to match it with.


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    Baroque Coffee Table
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  • Brosa is my the Number 1 choice!They are worthy and fantastic products.Nice and professional service in the showing room.They give customer 21 days generous returning time .The delivery is also very good! I will share them with all of my friends .

    Love you guys and your furniture

  • Just because service was good from the start rght to delivery ...
    informative and friendly staff.

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