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Product description

  • Baron Rectangle Coffee Table
    Marble marvel

    The Baron Rectangle Coffee Table is a marble marvel! This high luxe look has it all. Shape, style, strength. The glamour of the marble is balanced by an industrial metal base. See also the Baron Round Coffee Table.

  • Baron Rectangle Coffee Table
    Easy to clean

    Marble has a gorgeous streaky appearance, which varies from table to table. So each Baron is completely unique and one of a kind. A quick wipe down will keep it clean. High style, low maintenance.

  • Baron Rectangle Coffee Table
    Sleek base

    The weighty marble surface is held firmly in place by the metal base. Slim yet strong, it’s finished with a black powder coating. Built to withstand daily use.

  • Baron Rectangle Coffee Table
    Down to earth glamour

    The Baron combines shape and texture in a palette of neutral colours. So it looks great, and it’s easy to match. High glamour that’s down to earth. Discover more coffee table designs from our complete collection.

Product specs & dimensions

Product specs & dimensions

Baron Rectangle Coffee Table
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What other customers are saying

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