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Product description

  • Arden Electric Recliner
    Recliner Revolution

    The Arden Recliner is the perfect choice for those who love the recline function but don’t want to trade off on style. Gorgeous understated lines and a tailored finish make this an elegant addition to the home that is ever at the ready to gently slide into relax mode. This is not your Grandparents' Recliner.


  • Arden Electric Recliner
    For Relaxed Style

    Arden works in a variety of styles, with a soft organic appearance it pairs well with modern minimalism, but looks just as good in more involved modern styles. She can even fit in nicely in a traditional setting. Available in four fresh, fashionable shades, her pure simplicity means she works where she goes.


  • Arden Electric Recliner
    Engineered for Comfort

    The German engineered motor and recline mechanism, the Arden smoothly glides into the variety of relaxing positions with the click of a button. Put your feet up, or go to full recline and really chill. And the understated control is tucked discreetly into the side of the cushion. 



  • Arden Electric Recliner
    Easy Care

    Want to feel completely relaxed? Arden is upholstered in a moisture repellent fabric so little spills don’t spell the end of the world! Simply blot spills immediately with a clean paper towel until the moisture has been absorbed.

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    • Arden Electric Recliner
    • Arden Electric Recliner
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