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  • Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug
    Style Reborn

    Nostalgia has found its own style with the Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug. The thick plush wool pile of this stunning carpet will be a talking point in your home. It’s a retro look updated for the modern age, pairing perfectly with modern sophistication. And the chunky plaited tassels add a lovely interesting detail for a thoroughly elevated look.


  • Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug
    Bold Stunner

    Sink your toes into the luxurious pile of the Ainsley Shag carpet and send your feet to heaven. Pure New Zealand Wool piled high creates an incredibly soft underfoot. The stunning Porcelain Wine Red shade will be a style highlight in your space, bringing bold sophistication in spades. And the dramatic plaited tassel levels up the style factor. 

  • Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug
    Sustainable Choice

    New Zealand Wool is a great choice for a sustainable home. Renewable and biodegradable, Pure wool naturally controls humidity and temperature in your home. Say goodbye to icy toes with the Ainsley Shag Rug.

  • Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug
    Size Matters

    When it comes to creating a seamless interior, size matters. It is just as important as the pattern, colour, and texture. A rug that is too small will make your space appear disjointed. And a rug that is too large will make your furniture seem lost. Our rugs come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the perfect option for your space. For help finding the perfect size for you, book a virtual styling session with one of our talented Stylists.

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    • Ainsley Wine Red Wool Shag Rug
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