Finding the best makers wherever they are :

Furniture making is an art. Perfecting the craft is never a destination, it is a continuous journey that can span lifetimes, if not generations. 

At Brosa we travel the earth regularly to find the best craftsmen - the same ones who make your favourite designer labels. They share our ethos that beautiful may be hard, it may be challenging but it is ultimately better.

We regularly visit all our makers to discuss new developments and ultimately building strong relationships. Being hands on is what we've found to be the most effective way for ensuring consistency and quality. On top of all this we require every maker to have stringent workplace standards for their team. 


High Grade Materials : 

Quality workmanship is just one part of the equation when it comes to crafting beautiful furniture. You also need high grade materials. At Brosa we're continuously sourcing great components that can make our designs a reality. 

Whether it's ethically sourced timbers, luscious linens and velvets or top grain leather, finding quality isn't a nice to have, it is an absolute priority.