A designer sofa sold in

a showroom will be marked

up by around 500% on average.


At Brosa we work directly with

designers, bringing their pieces

and our workmanship direct to you

minus the markups. 


Here at Brosa we work with the most talented furniture designers from around the world to bring you unique designer pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying in a retail store.


Every furniture piece is architected by our community of designers, built by our master craftsmen and delivered straight to your home


Every month we release the latest designs created by our design community and you get to vote for your favourite pieces. The most popular pieces then become available for you to buy for your own home.


Brosa's history has been built on delivering a single promise to our customers - we search the world for the best design talent, our experienced craftsmen bring their concepts to life and we deliver the final designer pieces right to your home.


Every Brosa designer piece is made in batches to minimize operational costs and also avoid wastage of materials. A timer on each product indicates when the next batch of production starts. Once the timer reaches zero production begins on all orders placed.


Traditional furniture retail is full of uninspired generic designs and high markups. Brosa is different.