Inspiration :

Every piece of furniture starts with an inspired idea. Something that sparks the imagination to think of a familiar concept from a completely different perspective. Through our travels around the globe, seeking new perspectives, our in-house design team curates ideas for enlivening the home.

Conceptualising :

The moment you’re captured by a great idea is the moment it turns into an obsession. Each new concept we consider goes through a relentless iteration process of improvements and innovations to arrive at a new design both beautiful and practical.

Prototyping :

Good ideas never fulfill their potential until they cross the chasm between concept and reality. While many ideas fall over at this stage, the ones that make it do so by passing a scrutinising process of checks for every aspect ranging from frame construction through to suspension and stitch finishing, delivering a prototype that reflects the original design’s ethos.


The final step of birthing an idea into the real world involves every finesse of the furniture maker’s skill set. Each craftsmen brings their own expertise to complete a designer piece, be it woodwork, frame construction or upholstering, every part completes the whole.

 The end result is a design that meets the high standards we place on all our pieces. Something we’re proud to call our own, something to call a Brosa piece.