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Huff Post

Reasonably Priced Style

Clever ways to make your home look expensive on the cheap. Brosa can help! Read More

The Weekly Review

Young Entrepreneurs

Brosa Design has shown 500% year on year growth and continues to expand due to amazing founders and a strong team. Read More

Interiors Addict

3 Must Have Investment Pieces For Your Home

It’s not about skimping on price – it’s about getting the best value for money. Read More

Inside Out

Sofa Bed Guide

Add extra comfort to your living area or spare room with the bonus of a fold out bed. Read More

Fast Starters 2016

Fastest Growing Startups AU

Brosa has been named Australia's 26th fastest growing startup in 2016.. Read More

The Age

Cost of a Good Night's Sleep

How much should you pay for a bed? Certainly not full price or RRP at one of the major retailers. Read More

Australian Financial Review

Startup Jobs

Startups were the source of all 1.6 M net new jobs created in Australia from 2002-03. Larger firms created more jobs, but they also shed more jobs as they adjusted to intensifying global competition and tech. Read More

Startup Daily

Communication is Key

Effective communication with its team, investors, and customers has fuelled Brosa’s growth. Read More

Home Beautiful

Elizabeth extendible table

"I love that it's a bit rustic so the kids can do anything to it and that adds to the texture." Read More