There are a lot of furniture choices out there, which can make it tricky to choose the style you love most. So we put it to a vote. We recently ran a country-wide Furniture Style Survey to find out what Australia’s favourite furniture styles have been in 2016.

More than 3,700 respondents from across the country have helped us here at Brosa to pinpoint our nation’s favourite styles. They had the choice of 11 different style trends currently gracing homes from Melbourne to Darwin, Perth to Sydney. The stats reveal some interesting trends in interior décor in Australia…


Our Furniture Survey findings


Australia’s favourite interior décor styles were Modern and Contemporary. This shows there is no disconnect between current designers and consumers. People are loving the current design trends.


Other interesting finds include:

  •             Country style is a close runner up
  •             Scandinavian makes a top-pick appearance in the ACT
  •             Younger generations embrace Scandinavian
  •             Cottage is a classic pick for over 65s


The information contained within the infographic will not only tell you what’s trending now, but what is on the horizon for interior décor and furniture styles in Australia.

What do you think of the results? Is modern or contemporary your favourite? Do you like the clean lines of Scandinavian design? Or are your tastes more eclectic?

For a more in depth look at the styles and results, check out our furniture style survey breakdown.




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