New Art Deco Furniture

Sophisticated pieces spanning across the dark, moody, and utilitarian. Cohesive with many other style genres, New Art Deco incorporates opulent accents, metal hardware and decadent velvet to bring drama to your home.

Try a Touch of Glamour

We're back in the '20s in more ways than one. New Art Deco hints at one of the most beloved styles of the 20th Century and adds a modern flair. 

Our love of organic materials and geometric shapes hasn't left us and this time we're infusing the subsequent furniture styles we came to know and love in the last 100 years. 

Sprawl out on velvet sofas, rest your martini glass on a spherical sculptured side table, add a glint of gold to your sideboard and some pieces with contrasting detail to bring a bit of drama. Remember to favour arch and diamond shapes, bold colourways and luxurious materials. 

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