Modern Boho

Casual and relaxed, Modern Boho is nonchalant cool with a touch of sweetness. Harmoniously blend fresh neutrals with a toned down pallet of earthy sunset colours, warm timber, and quality fibres. Create interest through layering pattern and textures and work with lighting to keep it warm and inviting. A beautiful feminine style, Modern Boho works best accompanied by a little nature, so treat your room to flowers for the perfect look.

Modern Boho Furniture Style

These days, it's rare to stick faithfully to just one style. Modern Boho is all about eclecticism and furniture style fusion. Modern Boho is the harmonious blend of Modern Contemporary, Coastal, Scandinavian and Mid Century styles with a touch of glamour and femininity to make it your own. 

We recommend mixing mediums to emphasise that eclectic style. Perhaps focus on plush textural upholsteries, metallic finishes, metal framing and natural resources like marble and timber. Finish off the look with large indoor plants, Morrocan rugs and don't skimp on coffee table books, artworks and vases. 

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