Coffee Tables

Coffee is an essential part of everyone's morning. But these coffee tables make the experience even better! Spacious. Stylish. And super sleek.

Designer Coffee Tables

This humble piece of furniture is often forgotten about or considered just an additional piece rather than a necessity. Many homes live without one, but those that do are missing out on one of the finest and most useful furnishings in the home.

Designer coffee tables are much more than just a simple short table to rest your feet or cup of coffee on. Brosa has reinvented the coffee table, turning it into a featured piece that anchors the living room.

We have an extensive range of coffee table types:

Marble Coffee Tables - Marble coffee tables are a timeless and classic touch to every lounge room ensemble. Choose from round, square, or rectangular tabletops, wood or metal legs, and black or white marble. 

Wood Coffee Tables - Our wooden coffee tables bring warmth and depth to your home. Whether it be oak, acacia, beech, or mango, we have an extensive range of finishes to suit every living room.

Glass Coffee Tables - Looking for versatility? Look no further, as glass goes with any style. It also presents the perfect opportunity to hero your homewares. Check our guide to coffee table styling.

Concrete Coffee Tables - Our concrete coffee tables are perfect for making a bold statement. Pair it with similarly contrasting sofas, chairs and stools. And if you want to continue with the pared-down industrial trend, try to keep coffee table decor to a minimum.

Round Coffee Tables - Curves are the perfect way to break up a room and add a touch of subtlety. 

Metal Coffee Tables -  Whether you're looking for industrial-style coffee tables or modern contemporary, metal will add the edge you're after. If you're wanting to maximise impact, choose a metal coffee table that is paired with something natural, like wood or marble. 

Check out our guide on how to choose a coffee table!

Expertly crafted coffee tables

Our coffee tables are crafted with unbeatable expertise. We source our products from generational craftsmen and designers across the world including the renowned Paul Clarke a Melbourne based maker.

At Brosa, we ensure that all of the pieces we offer are crafted using premium materials to offer a durable finish.

Each coffee table is created with passion and an understanding of the pressures this piece of furniture will face. Hot cups, spilled wine, plates, books and even the odd dog or toddler can all wreak havoc on a coffee table.

The carefully built items available from Brosa are created with this in mind. Each piece is constructed using some of the hardest materials available to ensure a long life.

Along with our coffee table range, we also offer a vast collection of modern tables including side tables, dining tables and hall consoles.

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and beyond

Online shopping is a cause for anxiety for many people as delivery costs can skyrocket depending on your location.

We have made it simple for each customer with our capped pricing. Delivery of our coffee tables is available across all major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane as well as regional areas.

To find out more about our delivery method, you can visit our FAQs or you can call our team on 1300 027 672. We are more than happy to assist you with any queries or problems you may have.

Coffee Table FAQs

What coffee tables are currently in style for 2022?

Sculptural, and artistic pieces. Also coffee tables crafted from glass, bespoke marble, and unfinished wood are also trending for 2022.

How high is a coffee table?

A good rule of thumb is to make it a few inches lower than your sofa. A typical coffee table is between 40-50cms tall, and comfortable enough to rest your drinks on easily. Read our complete coffee table height and size guide for further details.

How far should a coffee table be from a couch?

Again, there’s no exact rule, but generally you would need to make legroom. Anywhere from around 40-50cms from the sofa should work well.

Should I choose a round or square design?

It depends on the space. Oval or rectangular coffee tables are great for smaller areas, whereas round or square shapes are great for bigger spaces. It also comes down to personal preference of design.

How should I style my coffee table?

Any way you like! For minimalist chic, opt for no more than three objects on your table. Eg. a vase of flowers, some coasters, and a feature book. Keep it neat, uncrowded, and maintain a sense of balance. Check out our guide on how to style your coffee table like a designer for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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