Storage Ottomans

Keep your home mess-free with our range of storage ottomans and benches. Truly a 3-in-1; rest your feet on it, sit on it, or open the top lid to utilise its spacious storage.

Save Space With a Storage Ottoman


Over time your house can become cluttered with bits and pieces that you just can’t part with. Consider adding a storage stool here and there to ease the load. These functional, fashionable little wonders are great at keeping your messy piles in good-looking hideaways.

The best thing about a storage ottoman is their functionality. These multi-purpose items can be used as foot rests or even as a spare seat if you have one too many people for the couch.

An ottoman storage seat or bench ottoman is ideal for use in the bedroom or walk-in robe. Perfect for picking out which shoes to wear, this nifty little storage stool doubles as a storage place for items like socks, stockings or other shoe accessories.

Clear the clutter

Running out of space to store away your linen or clothes? Some things may not belong on shelves. But that doesn’t mean they belong on the floor either! And nothing makes a house look messy than clutter on the floor. Luckily, our ottomans with storage are your solution.

Try a storage ottoman yourself

Our 21-day Return Policy lets you return furniture that doesn’t suit your home. No questions asked. With prices this competitive, you’ll love shopping with us. We even deliver to your doorstep, whether it’s in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or the outer regions.

Helpful Storage Ottoman Guides

Must ottomans match my furniture?: No they don’t. This is a common misconception, and ottomans can be styled in many ways that does not need to be matched back specifically.

7 things to consider before buying an ottoman: Before laying down the big purchase, here are 7 things to consider when buying an ottoman for your home:

  • Function

  • Shape

  • Size

  • Purpose

  • Materials

  • Size

  • Colour

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