Choose the Right Sofa Colour for Your Room with These 5 Easy Tips

Choosing the perfect sofa for a room can feel like a daunting task. If you don't have a background in interior design, you may worry too much about your choice and put it off indefinitely. 

You don't have to suffer through another week staring at an open space or an old, beat-up couch. Following these five simple tips will help you pick the perfect sofa colour for any space. 

Consider Patterns as Well as Colour

a green sofa in a designed space

Bold colours and patterns can quickly turn a sofa into a conversation piece and the focal point of the room it occupies.

 If you're looking for a sofa for a space where you host company or a foyer for a business, colourful selections could help make the space seem inviting and fun, instead of sterile. 

In a home, depending on the design and lighting in a room, colourful sofas or patterned upholstery fabric can provide a perfect contrast to white or neutral walls and flooring. The additional colours in a pattern can help tie together other design elements in the room. 

Upholstery Designs Don’t Have to Overwhelm

When you think of patterns on upholstery fabric, you may conjure up images of bright, aggressive, and unattractive patterned fabrics. 

However, modern sofas and upholstery fabric can offer subtle, light-coloured, and eye-catching patterns that won't dominate a space. Even if you already have a wall in contrasting colours, you may find a toned-down pattern that works well in the space. 

2. Location and Solar Exposure Matter

a pink sofa in natural light

A new leather couch can make a room a perfect place to entertain guests. Sadly, if that room gets direct sunlight, the lovely dyed leather upholstery could start noticeably fading in as little as four months. If you love leather, be sure to get a couch with a wax and oil combination finish to enhance and protect the colour.

Velvet sofas, often available in a range of saturated and inviting colours, may also quickly display the ravages of UV exposure. 

Fabric upholstery may fare slightly better, but it will also likely fade over time. That doesn't mean that you have to avoid all colours. 

Instead, you need to consider fading when you make a colour selection.  Tracking the movement of natural light through the room can help you plan. It may be possible to locate a sofa in a bright room without direct sunlight hitting the upholstery. 

Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics Can Expand Your Options

In sunny spaces, you may feel like you have to choose a light colour to avoid tell-tale signs of fading over time. 

The truth is that there are now upholstery fabrics specially designed for solar exposure and fade resistance. You may want to consider a sofa outfitted with fabric intended for outdoor use in a room that has sunlight all throughout the day. 

3. Think about How You Will Use Your Sofa

A minimal sofa in a waiting space

Will your sofa serve as a waiting point for visitors or customers? Do you need a sofa for a formal entertaining space that you only use on holidays? Will this sofa be a daily use piece, where you relax and enjoy a film with your family after a long day? 

How many people will regularly use the sofa? A three-seater or 3.5 seat sofa may be a wise choice for a big family or those who have guests frequently.

Knowing the intended use of the sofa can help you make a better colour decision. The more use and traffic a sofa sees, the greater the potential for wear and staining. 

Light colours, like white, can offer a stunning visual in an entertaining space. The same sofa could end up trashed after just a few days of use by your kids. 

Subtle Patterns and Darker Colours Can Hide Staining

If you have children or animals, staining and general wear will likely be concerns when you select your sofa. 

Darker colours and upholstery fabric with subtle patterning can offer concealment for stains caused by spills or heavy use. Light-coloured sofas, on the other hand, could make even small stains seem like huge blemishes in a bright space. 

4. Reflect on the Design of the Room and Your Tastes

a minimal sofa in a designed space

What works in a post-modern minimalist living room, like a modern sofa with clean lines and a warm grey tone, won't serve as well in a neoclassical space. 

The shape and style of your sofa shouldn't be the only factors that reflect your natural design style. The colour you choose for your sofa can contribute to the appearance and feeling of a room as much as the style of the back and armrests. 

It's Your Sofa, So You Should Love It

Do you revel in brilliant colours and overstuffed cushions? Does your aesthetic trend more toward classically romantic and timeless? 

Whether you love earth-tone leather sofas or bright fabric upholstery, you're the one buying and living with the sofa. You should make a selection that speaks to you and will make you happy for a long time to come. 

5. When All Else Fails, Go Neutral

a white sofa in a designed space

Not everyone enjoys bright colours. Other people may not feel like taking the time to create a design plan and integrate living spaces. Some people simply have to plan to move regularly for work. Regardless of the reason, neutral colours are a perfect fallback solution. 

Neutral doesn't necessarily mean dull or light. You can find neutral colours, like a warm brown or army green, that are dark enough to hide staining and signs of wear. You can also find neutral toned patterns and colour options with just about every kind of upholstery, from leather to fabric. 

Neutral Colours Work in Almost Every Space 

Those who know they will move to a new house shortly may select a neutral colour due to its ability to work in just about any space. 

That means that while your sofa won’t be the focal point of your living room, it won’t stand out like an eyesore either. Choosing a neutral colour for your sofa ensures that no matter how you update your home, the sofa will still fit in the space.

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