How to Buy a Sofa Bed: Your Complete Buyers Guide

Long gone are the days when sofa beds were only for college dorms or perhaps activity rooms for children in large families. These days, sofa beds have mainstream style and real bed comfort. 

That makes them a great addition to any number of rooms in your house. Even stylish, modern homes can feature a sofa bed for guests or perhaps a light sleeper who needs to escape a spouse who snores. 

If you regularly have guests in your home, a sofa bed is a great idea. Unlike a guest bedroom, which can require quite a bit of time and effort to design, furnish, and maintain, a sofa bed can turn any space into an instant solution for tired company. 

a sofa bed in a designed space

You Never Know When You'll Have Unexpected Company

Even if you don't entertain frequently or don't have children in the home, company can still drop by with little warning. Maybe a relative from far away swings by while on a road trip. Perhaps an old uni friend will drop by unannounced after looking up your address. 

You don't want to have to cut these visits short or turn away company later in the evening. A sofa bed can allow you the flexibility to become a gracious overnight host with little forewarning. 

You won't have to change the sheets or clean the room. Setting the bed up and providing fresh linens is all it will take. Use a storage ottoman for blankets and pillows and everything's there, ready to go!

Consider the Needs of Your Guests

a black sofa bed in a designed space

Any time you're in the market for a new piece of furniture, the first and most pressing consideration will be its functionality. 

In this case, function refers to the ability to convert easily from seating to sleeping space. It also refers to the comfort of the people sleeping on it. The reason sofa beds have such an underwhelming reputation is in part because buyers may focus more on price than comfort. 

Thankfully, you no longer have to go broke to offer a comfortable sleeping surface for guests. Modern sofa beds are stylish, comfortable for your company, and easy on the budget. 

Check the Cushion Quality

Understuffed or overly firm sofa beds can spell a terrible night of sleep. When you're looking at sofa beds, you need to carefully consider the cushions from both a seated and lying perspective. 

Look for a high quality, generous foam filling to ensure you or your guests will get a full night’s sleep. Modern foams will hold shape and bounce back much better than standard fluffy polyester stuffing. 

If you can test out the sofa, take a moment to sit and then fully recline. If you can feel bars through the cushion or if you sink in so far you can't get back up, those could both be signs of cushions that will leave you and your guests disappointed. 

Consider the Optimal Use of Your Space

a grey sofa bed in a designed space

For people who don't have an extra bedroom to turn into a guest bedroom, a sofa bed can offer the ideal solution. It can change any room, from your office or living room to your den or even a finished basement area into a place for guests to catch a little rest. 

In fact, you probably already have a room in your home that would look much nicer with newer seating. Consider upgrading that room by making it the home of your new sofa bed. 

You Don't Need to Pick Between Fashion and Function 

The days of the hideous futon are long gone. You cannot enjoy the functions of a sofa bed without inflicting a design nightmare on yourself and your living room. 

You can find sofa beds in a range of lovely colours, from neutral to eye-catching and bright. You can also find styles that work with many different design aesthetics, although many tend to have more modern and sleek looks. 

A Sofa Bed Can Replace Your Three Seat Couch

a green daybed in a designer living room

Unlike some of the older sleeper sofas and futons, people won't automatically know that your sofa also does double duty as a bed. 

That means that you can place of these versatile pieces of furniture in your living room without any worry about looking like you're living in a college dorm. In fact, it will likely be as comfortable and attractive as any other sofa you might want for your room. 

Bigger sofa beds that double as 3-seater sofas are often the best choice. While there are some smaller models on the market, they won't necessarily provide comfort for adult guests. 

Make sure that the sofa bed you end up buying fits into your space as a sofa, not just as a guest bed solution. Bigger may be better if you often host people for social gatherings. 

Commit to High Quality Materials for a Long-Lasting Sofa Bed

You don't want to have to buy a new sofa bed every few years, so finding one that's well-made is in your best interests. Metal and wood are the best materials for frames. 

Stay away from particle board and other composite materials. They're likely to degrade over time and may not support weight as well as solid wood or metal frames. 

Adorn your space with a functional yet divinely designed sofa bed or check out our range of sofas from Brosa. We deliver our sofas direct from the designer to you so you won’t have to pay through the roof for your very own designed piece.