18 Sofa Styles & Designs Guide 2017: Popular Shapes, Sizes All Demystified

sofa styles and designs guide by Brosa

Sofas come in all shapes, sizes, and serve a variety of purpose. 

Sofas can provide pleasant seating in front of a TV or entertainment centre. Or they can provide a place to kick back and relax when you need a break. Other couches transform into beds, making them perfect for hosting guests overnight.  Some sofas will need to fulfil more than one of these requirements. 

A sofa is a large investment — physically and financially. They are physically large, and they also cost more than chairs and other kinds of furniture. 

However, pick out a proper sofa, and you're set for life. We build our sofas so that they will last you a lifetime. So, unless you drastically redesign your home at some point in the future, your sofa will be there for you whenever you need it. 

Keep in mind your likelihood to redesign as you pick out a sofa. If you tend to move things around and swap your room's decor often, a neutral-coloured & simple sofa might be what you want. If your sofa isn't brightly-coloured, you're able to change colour palettes more easily. But, if you want your sofa to be a primary focal point, you'll want to get a brighter or more elegant sofa to draw attention to itself.


Sofas come in a range of styles. Each style has its own personality and characteristics. Each style can effectively give a room character when properly arranged among other furniture. Some styles are easier to work into spaces of all kinds, and other styles can be less flexible. 

1. Classic Traditional

classic traditional

A Classic Traditional couch is serene and pleasant.

It's not too simple but also not too complex. Look for a variety of available colours in our line of Classic Traditional sofas. Because of the wide range of colours and their relaxed style, these sofas appeals to all age groups. If your home sees many different generations, you might want to consider getting a Classic Traditional sofa.

You won't have to find peace and calm with a sofa like this — peace and calm will find you.

2. Mid-Century

mid-century sofa

A Mid Century sofa looks young and fresh. But at the same time, it's also functional and comfortable. 

These sofas exist somewhere in between elegant and practical. They feature smooth lines and come in all kinds of colours, from neutral and relaxed to bright and vibrant. A Mid Century couch can be just what you need if you desire a fresh and charming room.

3. French Provincial

french provincial

A French Provincial sofa will never go out of style. 

These sofas looked great in the past, and they look equally dazzling in this day and age. These style sofas can fit into rooms that are elegant and charming, as well as rooms that are more relaxed or simple. It all depends on your sofa's colour and how you position the sofa in the space you have. 

It's no question that French Provincial furniture has earned its place as a staple of modern interior design.

4. Modern Contemporary

modern contemporary

Contemporary sofas are cool and collected. 

Usually more on the minimal side, the only thing they brag about is how comfy and cool they are. Contemporary sofas have few, if any, curved or rounded edges. They look good in contemporary-style homes, as well as anywhere that simplicity is desired. 

A spacious room with a neutral-coloured contemporary sofa will look relaxed and feel relaxing. A contemporary room is a perfect space to relax because there are no extra decorations or details other than what is necessary.

5. Industrial

industrial sifa

An industrial sofa blends wood and metal to create a confident and comfy couch. 

Consider getting an industrial sofa if you are an open, confident person who has nothing to hide. These sofas certainly don't hide anything — they typically have smaller forms than contemporary sofas and care less about having only straight lines. 

Instead, they may have slightly round edges and arms, and round metal legs to hold themselves up. Industrial sofas are minimal without sacrificing the pleasantness of curves and roundness. 

An industrial sofa can work in any space where there is already a bit of colour contrast. Because they consist of both wood and metal, contrast is inherent in their design. If you've got a bit of light and a bit of dark in your space, an industrial sofa will be a perfect addition.

6. Scandinavian & Danish

scandinavian and danish

A Scandinavian sofa is both modern and stylish. They have sleek, straight lines but also elegant, round features. A Scandinavian sofa is truly a comfortable work of art.

They often have naturally-coloured legs made of wood, which can make them feel like a breath of fresh air to look at. Placed in a room with lighter-coloured walls and flooring, the natural wood and in these sofas can really shine.

Our Scandinavian sofas come in a variety of neutral and bright colours, so you'll be able to match your sofa to your decor very easily. 

7. Outdoor

outdoor sofa

With an outdoor sofa, you and your guests can be comfy even outdoors. We craft our sofas from high quality, weather resistant materials, so they'll last you a very long time. 

8. Wabi Sabi / Japanese

wabi sabi style sofa

With For those seeking a more minimalist sofa style, with imperfect top-notch quality, Wabi Sabi (a little known) prominent furniture style with its origins in Japan, will certainly add a twist to any space. 


9. Chesterfield

chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield sofas feature elegant detail work and accent studding across their frames. Chesterfield is virtually synonymous with "classic." Traditionally, this means confident, sophisticated arms and stylish frame. If that's the look you're going for, you can't go wrong with a Chesterfield. 

Some of our sofas take this "classic look" into the current day and age with straight lines and sharp angles. These more modern chesterfield couches can bring a modern or contemporary room new life and character. 

Chesterfield sofas are built with comfort in mind. Whether you're just sitting down momentarily, or need to rest for an extended amount of time, a Chesterfield will support you with the comfort you deserve. 

No matter your style or taste, there's an elegant Chesterfield with your name on it.

10. 2 Seaters / Loveseat


Two seater sofas provide comfort when you need it, without taking up too much space. They can be seen as being more inviting than larger sofas. The armrests on these sofas make them well suited for prolonged sitting, and they typically have an angled backrest suitable for relaxation.

Two seaters can work with all interior styles, and can even be used in combination with a larger sofa to provide maximum comfort for anyone and everyone.

11. English Roll Arm

english roll arm sofa

English-style sofas never go out of style and work in any room. An English-style sofa can be spotted by its low, smooth arms in relation to its high back.

There's a reason these couches are so popular. They're both elegant and sleek, so they fit in anywhere. English sofas work well with a variety of different styles. Even if you end up changing the rest of your room's decor at some point, you won't have to replace your English roll arm sofa — this style of sofa plays well with others.

12. Lawson

lawson-style sofa

Lawson-style sofas bring comfort to your home without also bringing bulkiness or complexity. With cushions that are separate from the frame, these couches give off a simple look without looking too modern or minimal.

You can't go wrong with a Lawson-style sofa. They're all about being casual and comfy, and they easily fit in with most other furniture.

13. Track Arm

track arm sofa

A track arm sofa looks and feels similar to a Lawson-style sofa. The arms, however, are square and angular instead of round. They often look minimal and sleek — like tuxedo-style sofas but not as minimal or modern-looking.

A track arm sofa is ideal for any room with modern or contemporary leanings. They can be quite versatile, however, and will look stylish in any living space.

14. Tuxedo

tuxedo sofa

These sofas are minimalist and modern. With arms as high as the back of the sofa and its fair share of straight lines, these sofas will embrace you and your guests with grace and style. Tuxedo-style sofas are modern classics — they bring a bit of flourish to a room while keeping it warm and inviting.

Look for tuxedo-style sofas in our collection if your style falls somewhere in between the two —  they are the perfect blend of modern and classic.

15. Camelback

camlback sofa

Historically, camelback sofas haven't been the most comfortable couches. Thankfully, our modern take on the camelback brings the past and present together flawlessly. We've maintained the vintage-style curvy back & wooden frame while introducing more comfort via elegant & modern cushions and materials.

Camelback sofas bring their unique character to any living room they reside in. They don't even need to be surrounded by a whole lot of furniture or decor — they look absolutely stunning even on their own.

16. Sectional / Modular

sectional or modular sofa

Sectional, or modular, sofas let you fill your living room space in the most efficient way possible. You can move and rotate individual pieces until you have a couch of the perfect length, and the perfect shape. 

If you find yourself constantly rearranging your furniture, you might want to get a modular sofa. You'll be able to move the pieces around as you see fit, depending on your current tastes. Sectionals are growing in popularity, and it's no wonder why. They can suit nearly any need and look stylish in any setting due to their minimal, contemporary appearance.

One tip for owners of modular sofas is to try separating them. Even a bit of room between pieces can cause the parts to function as their own seats. Depending on your company, this can prevent your guests from sitting too close to each other. Multiple seats can be more comfortable and inviting for guests who don't know each other, as well as they know you. It can also be nice to have them separate for spacious snacking and TV-watching.

Check out our Odette Modular Sofa if you're interested in exploring the many possibilities a modular sofa allows. It comes in a plethora of colours, so you're sure to be able to match it with the rest of your living room.

17. Sleeper Sofa / Sofa Bed

sofa bed

Depending on the style of sofa bed you get, it's likely that nobody will know the difference between your sofa bed and a regular sofa. 

Some of our sofa beds are armless, however. This usually makes them look more modern and perhaps more like a sofa-bed hybrid. It also makes them incredibly comfortable — there's nothing for your head or legs to hit accidentally. 

We also, of course, have sofa beds with English-style arms, or with more moderns arms. With one of these, nobody will ever know your sofa's secret until you let them in on it.

If you have guests over from time to time and need a place for them to spend the night, a sofa bed can be perfect for you. They will certainly be thankful that you have a comfortable bed for them once the day's festivities have come to a close.

One common drawback of sofa beds is that they can be pricey. However, here at Brosa, we've done our best to keep prices exceptionally low so that you can keep your living room beautiful and your guests happy.

We also have an ottoman available that unfolds into a bed, in case that floats your boat instead.

18. Chaise


Chaise-style sofas can be identified by their, long single cushion which is perfect for kicking your legs up and relaxing. Chilling on a chaise sofa is similar to using an ottoman in front of a regular sofa, but it can look more sleek and stylish.