The Perfect Place For Your Daybed

If you’re thinking of buying a daybed for your home, you’re probably already thinking about where to put your newest piece of furniture. If you’re still in the shopping around phase, a daybed is a great pick up that can tie your rooms together. 

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on where to put your daybed and why.

Ideas For Where To Put Your Daybed

Where should your daybed go? The answer depends on your home’s specifics, but we’ve got a few ideas which might surprise you.

Anywhere Sunny

What’s more pleasant than napping or reading a book in the afternoon sunlight? Daybeds can make this sublime pleasantry a reality when positioned in a sunny spot. The warmth of the sun is a great aid to helping daybed sitters reach the dream world, as is the softness of the daybed’s cushions. 


daybed place anywhere sunny

The Entrance to Your Home

When you’ve just trekked a bit too far and gotten a bit too messy, a daybed stashed near the front door can give you respite like no other. Imagine plopping down onto your entrance’s daybed to start taking off your heavy coat and hat.

Especially if you plan on heading back out into the weather, you can use a daybed in the entrance to aid with putting on or taking off boots. Imagine removing a few pieces of clothing, then taking a quick breather while laid out on the daybed with a mug of cocoa. 

daybed place entrance to your home

The Living Room

The living room is an easy pick for a daybed. If your living room has a couch, you could even consider connecting the couch to the daybed for added luxury. If reclining on a traditional couch simply isn’t relaxing enough, you can roll to the daybed and doze off without incident.

Within the living room, the area near the fireplace is particularly perfect for daybeds. Much like the warm sunlight, a crackling fire can be enough to ease any daybed sitter into a happy slumber. Best of all, the daybed doesn't get in the way of your other furniture that may be near the hearth. 

daybed place living room

The Study

If you’re intent on using your study as a place of serious work, don’t discount the addition of a daybed. Rest is necessary for creativity as well as productivity. Daybeds make great platforms for reading a book or studying. If the desk is feeling too constricting, a hop into the daybed will leave you feeling refreshed soon enough.

Having a daybed in the study works even better if the daybed is near a place with natural light. Who knows what thoughts will float in through the curtains while you recline? 

daybed place the study

The Cocktail Area

Wherever you and your guests tend to congregate for cocktails, wine, and cheese, you’ve found a great location for a daybed. Guests will naturally find the posture that suits them as they nibble and sip. 

In an intimate evening environment, daybeds can double as couches for a wine tasting for multiple people at once. Or, as host, you could claim a double backed daybed near the charcuterie table to oversee your guests with the support of two sides. You won’t even have to put down your glass of wine.

If all else fails, your guests can drift off to a tipsy sleep on your daybed after they’ve imbibed a bit too much. You may find that the comfort of your daybed lulls them off to sleep a bit sooner than they would otherwise. 

daybed place cocktail area

Luckily, the daybed’s design is for napping, meaning that you won’t have to wait long before you or your guests come to and start looking for dinner. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a bunch of ideas about where to put a daybed and why it’s time to spring into action. Figure out what kind of daybed will work best for your home, and try placing the daybed there. You’ll soon find that your daybed becomes a natural part of your home’s flow. They tend to add a dash of relaxation to everywhere they are.