The Perfect Place for Your Daybed

When we think daybeds, we immediately think of luxury. Perhaps your mind goes to long afternoons spent languishing in the sun with a good book and a beverage, whereas others may dream of cosy nights spent sprawled out with their favourite show and the perfect cuppa.

Whatever your daybed fantasy is, if you’re thinking about turning it into reality, there are a few things you should get straight first – the most important being the location of your luxe new piece of furniture. Do daybeds have to go in the living room? Does it replace the sofa or do they coexist in harmony? What if you’re all about lounging and want two daybeds?

Before you fret your way out of this exciting new purchase, we’ve compiled our top tips for adding a daybed to your space. Let’s go… (After all, the sooner this is sorted, the sooner we can relax!)

Ideas for where to put your daybed

Before you start looking for a one size fits all quick fix, we’ll be real with you – the optimal location for your daybed depends almost entirely on your home, your personal needs and the room’s existing layout. But, we’ve got a few suggestions up our sleeve to make the decision making process a little easier.

Anywhere sunny

Brosa Harper Daybed styled in modern contemporary room

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If your personality is akin to a lizard’s – that is, you follow the sun anywhere and everywhere – then the ideal spot for a daybed is wherever gets the most rays. Set yourself up to relax and place your daybed in that ultimate sunny spot so that you can lie back, read a book, sip on your poison of choice and, when the time comes, take a much-deserved nap.

Our tip: If you’re positioning directly in the sunlight, opt for a fabric or colour that won’t fade too noticeably. This likely means avoiding very bright or dark shades, and going for a durable material such as our Signature Premium.

The front entrance

What about specific rooms or areas? Well, you’ve got a whole host of options, but one that’s quite common is the front entrance or foyer area of the home. There’s not usually a lot of seating here, so placing a daybed can create visual interest. It also provides you or guests with a top spot to get ready for the day, or instead, to wind down when you arrive home. Simply plop down on your daybed, take off your shoes and go about your evening.

Our tips: For those considering the front entrance, keep two things in mind – firstly, be certain there’s enough space for you to navigate the area with ease. It might seem wide, but in reality, hallways are narrow for a reason, and a daybed might be overwhelming. Also make sure to really evaluate how much use you’ll get out of a daybed in this position, as it likely won’t be used for extensive or frequent lounging. An ottoman might be a better fit if you’re really keen to collapse into a daybed when life gets tough.

The living room

Brosa Monroe Daybed styled in modern contemporary living room

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The living room is an easy choice for your daybed’s new home. Although this area is likely full of ample seating, a daybed mixes up your options and gives you ultimate versatility, especially if you’re the type to move pieces around to accommodate guests. You can even use the daybed as an extension of the couch if you like to stretch out or snuggle with your family (whether that’s humans or pets!).

Our tips: Once again, be really mindful of the ‘walkability’ of the space, and avoid overcrowding small or cluttered rooms with additional furniture. Your daybed might be more useful elsewhere if your living room is already fully kitted out. If the living room is definitely for you, have fun with it! Accessorise your daybed with throw pillows, and grab a few blankets to keep nearby for those chilly winter nights. The daybed can be an extension of your existing style, and should be viewed as an opportunity to incorporate your aesthetic, rather than an add-on.

The study or office

Brosa Theron Daybed styled in classic traditional office

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Creativity is fuelled not only by the busy moments, but the restful ones, too – so many artistic geniuses across the full gamut of disciplines have sparked big ideas in their sleep. So, although a daybed might seem counterproductive in an office, it could actually be key to unlocking more knowledge or a new way of looking at something. Plus, offices are generally more sparsely furnished than, say, our living rooms – meaning your daybed will act as another beautiful piece to liven up and fill the space.

Our tip: Place your daybed near the bookshelf for easy access to the best relaxation activity – getting lost in a great novel! The more separation you have from the desk area, the better, as this will create a delineation in the space and make the daybed seem very purposeful.

The dining room or cocktail area

Hear us out – have you ever had a dinner party and simply ran out of places to put your guests? We see you nodding, and we sympathise. We’ve all been there, but there’s nothing worse than your next-door neighbour standing around awkwardly while you hunt down a folding chair. Enter the daybed… Not only does a daybed provide ample additional seating, but it also fits the mood of a lavish dinner party or chic cocktail do! If you entertain regularly, then a daybed won’t go amiss in this space.

Our tip: Amp up the drama and select a unique colour for your daybed to bring some flair to the space. If you’re a neutral kind of decorator, opt for black, olive green, rust or chocolate – something that doesn’t stray too far from your usual palette, but helps the piece to stand out. For the more daring of us, any colour goes!

The bedroom

Brosa Drake Modular Chaise Piece styled in modern contemporary bedroom

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Finally, there’s always the option of adding a daybed to your bedroom! If, like many, your bedroom is your sanctuary, another spot to sit or stretch out will be welcomed. In larger bedrooms, a daybed can also fill the space and add excitement. Place it by the windows for lovely natural light that’ll instantly add a dreamy feel, making you want to spend all your time curled up there with a cup of tea.

Our tip: Try to keep the bed and daybed separate in terms of purpose. It might feel a little redundant to have them both in the same space, but it doesn’t have to if each has their own unique function. Maybe your actual bed is just for sleeping, and the daybed is where you read, browse on your phone or wind down before bed. Whatever your preference, having this demarcation will ensure you show equal love to both spots.

As you might now realise, there are so many spots within the average home that are just begging for a daybed! These underrated pieces of furniture are the key to total relaxation, and wherever they’re placed, can be used for a variety of purposes, from a chill afternoon nap to enjoying your hobby of choice.

Now that you know where your new daybed will go, it’s time to find the perfect piece! Browse our range of daybeds, designed to suit a variety of styles and tastes. Shop with Australia-wide delivery and flexible payment options, and don’t forget to try out our virtual styling services to picture your new daybed in your home.