The Seasonal Switcher: Your Guide to the Palermo Collection

Linen textures are arguably at the top of everyone’s design wishlist right now, whether you’re all about bedding, love a linen tablecloth, or are seeking a statement piece sofa. In the warmer months, linen is in its element, conjuring images of Aperol spritzes, clear blue waters and serene, sunny days. But, linen isn’t confined to summer – it’s got just as much of a place in winter. Think cosy knits, cups of tea and the worn pages of a book… linen makes a gorgeous backdrop no matter the season.

Want to introduce some linen into your home? Well, there’s no better time to do it than right now. Introducing the Palermo collection

What is the Palermo collection?

Brosa Palermo 3 Seater Sofa with Chaise styled in Scandinavian living room

Palermo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise | Shop all Palermo

Say hello to the new love of your (interiors) life – Palermo. In one of the season’s most coveted styles, the Palermo collection consists of an array of seating options including an armchair, loveseat, a traditional 3-seater sofa and a modular 3-seater sofa. These gorgeous pieces are constructed in soft, breezy linen and have a relaxed overall feel with slouchy style elements.

Whether you’re going for an Italian country home vibe or emulating a modern creative’s loft, Palermo will slot right in. Three colour options – Corinthian White, Cloud Grey and Night Black – make this seating collection a valuable addition to any home, whatever your established style. The cosy, overstuffed nature of these pieces means your new sofa or armchair looks just as good as a reliable staple piece as it does the focal point of a room.

Taking Palermo from summer to winter

Brosa Palermo Armchair styled by Lisa Danielle Smith

Palermo Armchair | Shop all Palermo

As those with linen bedding may know, this breathable fabric is a godsend in summer, but keeps in the heat relatively well in winter, too, making it great for transitional decorating. So, if you want to take your style from summer to winter and back again, the Palermo range is an ideal choice.

Palermo also makes it easy to change up your style in seconds, as the collection comes complete with a slip cover set for each sofa configuration. Just switch up your slip and bring a whole new feel to the room with a different colour. Whether you plan on mixing up your room’s hues or not, a slip cover is a must for these gorgeous pieces – keep tensions low by simply popping your cover in the wash and replacing it with a new one.

How can I style Palermo in my home?

Let’s get down to it – how will a Palermo piece look in your living room? We’re taking you through a few popular interior styles and breaking down how Palermo can complement their key elements.


Starting with the obvious, the Palermo range is ideally suited to a laid-back, coastal living room. The key elements of this style include white tones, light wood and nods to a beachy lifestyle, so a relaxed, sprawling sofa like the Palermo in Corinthian White makes for a perfect fit. Style it with an intricate rattan coffee table, on-trend vases in white and neutrals, lots of natural textures, and blue or sage tones to complement the whitewashed look.

Modern Contemporary

Brosa Palermo Armchair styled in modern contemporary living room

Palermo Armchair | Shop all Palermo

Although it might not seem like it, Palermo is gorgeous in a modern contemporary living room, and will fit right in. If you’re dealing with lots of black, glass and metal, opt for your Palermo piece in the Night Black or Cloud Grey shades (with slip covers, why not try both?). Pair these unstructured yet ultra-cosy pieces with sleek lines to counterbalance – think marble or metal coffee tables in a rectangular shape, and wrought iron or metallic homewares like candle holders and frames.

Mid Century Modern

Mid century simply refers to any popular furniture style between the 1930s and 1960s, built on the foundation of Bauhaus architecture and brought to America after World War II. However, as we know it today, there are a few things that typify mid century modern – wood pieces in medium hues e.g. chestnut, geometric shapes, and minimal adornment or clutter.

Fit Palermo perfectly into a mid century home by opting for any of the colour choices, and accessorising with tasteful throw pillows or blankets in orange, green or dusty blue. Keep the rest of the style’s elements consistent and let them do the talking while your new Palermo piece stays constant and classic.


Scandi style is simple, with lots of clean lines, light wood and complete minimalism. Bring in your new Palermo chair or sofa in either the white or grey colour – these will keep the space feeling light and airy as it should. Ensure the rest of your furniture remains the same, bringing your Palermo piece into the world of Scandi with a kidney-shaped coffee table in light wood, some gorgeous greenery in neutral pots, and a textured woven rug.

Classic Traditional

Classic traditional style is a timeless look that takes inspiration from the regal designs of the 18th and 19th centuries. We’re talking tufted furniture with elaborate curves, overstuffed sofas, wood tones and neutrals complemented by deeper cool tones. Although the Palermo seating range doesn’t exactly scream classic traditional sofa, there are definitely ways to bring this style into the 21st century, and Palermo is one of them! Opt for a coffee table and some side tables that are typically traditional, and unite the two styles with tasselled cushions, a detailed rug and beautiful flowers in glass vases.

Caring for your Palermo pieces

Brosa Palermo 2 Seater Sofa styled in Scandinavian living room

Palermo 2 Seater Sofa | Shop all Palermo

Finally, caring for your new Palermo couch or sofa is a must-know before you click ‘add to cart’! As these pieces are linen, they require special care, but overall, are easy to clean and don’t need lots of day-to-day upkeep. Here are a few tips:

  • Vacuum your sofa regularly. When you do the floors, be sure to pay your Palermo piece some attention, too! Linen does show fluff, lint and other small specks of dirt quite easily – especially if you opt for the black colour – so be sure to give it a good vacuum, preferably using a handheld vacuum, once a week or so.
  • Spot clean stains or marks. Don’t ever rub your linen sofa, but instead, try to spot clean any marks that may appear. Just like linen clothing, it is delicate, and doesn’t like being overwhelmed with chemicals. Gently add a natural cleaning product to the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes or so before delicately removing with a wet cloth.
  • Keep out of the sunlight. Direct sunlight won’t do your sofa any good, so ensure to preserve its longevity by keeping in the relative shade. You’ll find the darker shades in particular will fade faster.
  • Wash like you would linen clothing. The great thing about Palermo is the removable slip cover, meaning you can wash the entire sofa or chair cover when necessary. Ensure you treat it as you would linen clothing – washing in cold water and tumble drying on a lower heat or a delicate setting. If you have the ability and the time, hand washing is even better!
  • When in doubt, switch it out. That’s what removable slip covers are built for! If you’re concerned about mess, grab two and change them out every few months to make the washing and cleaning process easier.

Is the Palermo collection on your wishlist? This gorgeous range is versatile, on-trend, and best of all, will last a lifetime, both in terms of durability and the timelessness of the style. Whether you want to go all-out with the 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise, or prefer the simplicity of the Palermo Armchair, we hope these give your space a refresh and bring a relaxed, comfortable look and feel in both winter and summer.

Grab Palermo and so much more with Brosa’s Australia-wide delivery and flexible payment services. Not yet sold? Check out our virtual styling services to help picture your new piece in your home before you buy.