The Ultimate Living Room Layout Guide: 12 Ideas on How to Arrange Your Furniture in 2020

Redesigning your living room can be intimidating – what sized sofa do you choose? Can I use a sideboard as an entertainment unit? How do you maximize storage space when you have little room? What is the best design style – do I prefer Scandinavian style or Hamptons?  Well, we have all the tips and tricks right here, designed to spark inspiration and help you create your best Living Room yet. We also have a number of extra tools that are designed to streamline your decision. If you haven’t used our View at Home Augmented Reality feature, now is your chance. It lets you view a number of different Brosa designs in your space – no imagination or app required. If you’d prefer some real life help, call on one of our Studio+ Stylists. You can do this from the comfort of your own home by booking a Virtual Consultation, or simply visit one of our beautiful locations. Whatever you need – we are here to help! Just remember there are no rules – it's your home after all.  Shop All Living Room Furniture 

Frank 3 seater sofa with chaise - wonderful living room

What is the Room's Purpose?

Lounge Room, Living Room, Rumpus Room – irrespective of what you call it, you need to determine what its main purpose is before you choose your furniture.  If you have a large family and your Living Room is used as a place to gather and relax then your sofa choice is imperative. However, if you are a couple sharing a small apartment you may seek furniture choices that focus more on the design as opposed to function. Sleek stylish armchairs like the Ada Swivel Chair, glass coffee tables like the Kipling and fabric sofas may be more of a priority as opposed to that spill resistant sofa and super storage TV unit. 

A Place to Watch TV

Ok, so your Living Room is made for late night TV binges and weekend movie marathons – lets celebrate that! Start with where your TV is positioned - is it mounted on the wall or positioned on a TV unit? If you’re looking to maximise your storage space and need somewhere to prop your TV, think about an entertainment unit that has deep drawers and extra shelves – just like Mia, our Scandinavian style TV unit - this way you can declutter the space whilst hiding all those necessary tools (remotes, extra cords etc).

Mia Large Entertainment Unit - living room

The next decision is the biggest – your sofa choice. Consider your space before scoping out the options, if you have a large Living Room with bounds of room consider upsizing your couch to a modular sofa. Styles like the Como Motion Modular Sofa are engineered for comfort, fitted with a mechanical back rest and flexible headrest; alternatively, the Seta Sofa is a super soft modular couch option with more generous proportions. If you’re seeking more contemporary styled furniture that also makes for the perfect Living Room couch – the seta is for you, available in our textured Dolly White Pavilion Boucle fabric or premium tweed. 

Seta 4 seater contemporary furniture sofa - living room

           If you don’t have space for larger furniture pieces like a 4 seater modular sofa, consider a more slimline 2 or 3 seater couch. Soft textures and fabrics enhance the cosy aspect of your room, while deeper proportions and rounded styles can provide that extra comfort factor. Finally, when creating the ultimate viewing lounge you need to think about providing enough table and storage space. Small side tables such as the Cushla Side Table are perfect for propping next to your couch to hold your drinks, while a glass coffee table like the Kipling provides ample space for snacks.

The trick to maximizing space with your coffee and side tables is to also consider the material used; glass tops give the illusion of more space and can also add a more modern feel to your room, while wooden furniture pieces can provide additional storage space. Alternatively, consider utilizing an ottoman for your additional table space. Ottomans make for great additions to your Living Room because when not in use they can provide additional seating, but when a tray is placed on top they are transformed into the perfect side table.  

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A Place for Conversation

For rooms focused on encouraging comfortable conversation, consider making a design element such as your fireplace or an artwork the room’s focal point as opposed to your TV unit.  Orient your room around this central point, by creating a ‘square’ with your furniture layout and utilize a variety of seating styles to encourage guests to gather.   Utilizing a smaller 2 or 3 seater sofa such as a love seat or daybed along with complimentary armchairs and an ottoman can achieve the perfect multi-purpose space. To add an additional element of function, include a coffee table or side tables to break up the space. Fabric upholstery, cushions and textured throw rugs will also ensure more of a homey vibe is provided within this slightly formalized setting.    

Notting Hill Velvet Chesterfield Sofa and armchair setting - contemporary sofas - living room

A Place for Relaxation

Cosy Corners, sitting nooks, couches that double as extra beds – let’s talk about styling your living room for relaxation. Whether you prefer more traditional interior styles or sway towards a modern contemporary vibe, there are a number of ways you can encourage relaxation within your Living Room. Start with creating a cosy corner – perfect for reading, meditating or simply taking a break. Firstly, create a space with purpose – choose a singular armchair or occasional chair and pair with a side table or sideboard that can double as storage for a book and a cup of tea, but when not in use is a beautiful styling prop. Next – create vibe. Never underestimate the power of lighting, by introducing a table lamp or floor lamp you can shape the entire environment of the room. Lamps that provide a soft glow will allow for a more meditative and relaxed state, while more directive brighter lighting will channel you to refocus and realign. Choose your goal and make the vibe of the room suit. Finally, think about propping up your feet with an ottoman or stool. Not only useful for this purpose, but they also make for great extra seats when required. 

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Mila Armchair traditional styling - living room

A Place for Many Things

Chances are you'll want your living room to fill a variety of needs. Sometimes you'll want to watch TV, but for other occasions you want to use it as a place to entertain. To create a more versatile space opt for a couple of chairs instead of a sofa so you can rearrange the chairs for conversations between friends when your favourite show isn't on. 

A Clean Slate — An Empty Room

Traditional sofa - Madelina Chesterfield lounge

The most common way to start your Living Room styling is to decide what you want the room's focal point to be. This can be a TV, fireplace or key design feature. Once you've chosen that thing or area you want to matter the most, design the seating arrangement around it for optimal viewing. For example, if you have a beautiful gallery wall that is the key design feature of your room ensure that the rest of your furniture is oriented to show it off! Place your sofa and coordinating armchairs as if this wall is your new tv screen and then let the rest of the room fall into place. 

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Filling the Rest of the Room

Storage, lighting or a work from home station make for the perfect styling solutions when needing to fill spare spaces


Shelving makes for great storage but also an incredible opportunity for a signature design feature. Bookshelves, bookcases, cabinets, open wall shelving & entertainment units maximise space whilst also providing excess amounts of storage. When styling open shelving think about creating multiple points of interest, do this by using objects of different heights, stacks of books & greenery. This will carry the eye across the room, whilst also homing your favourite items. Another trick for maximizing space is a storage ottoman. Not only useful for providing additional seating and comfort, but can also include lift top storage for extra pillows, cushions or blankets. Best of both worlds!  

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Traditional sofa - Lang Bookcase


Different rooms of the home have different lighting requirements, depending on whether you want to evoke productivity or calm the mind. Take your pick from floor, arc, table or tripod lamps that are made to suit a variety of styles and homes.

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Work From Home 

Having the ability to work from home is essential, but it is best to create a dedicated work space that encourages productivity. No matter the size of your home it is easy to create your dream 9-5 working zone. Small functional desks make for great study tables and work spaces, but also have the ability to be flipped into stylish hall way cabinets or storage units when not in use. When maximizing small square spaces it is also best to choose a desk chair that can serve other purposes – can it be used at the dining table for an extra guest? Could it work as an occasional chair? Or simply, does it allow you to sit down for a work day when required. 

Lewes Desk Makes for the Perfect Working from Home station - Home Office

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Tips and Tricks

Large Living Room

If you have a larger living room, consider "dividing" your room into separate spaces. This is the optimum way to create different zones that serve multiple purposes. You can simply achieve this by segmenting the room with long form pieces of furniture such as a day bed, or a pair of occasional chairs. This is particularly great if you would like to create a more personalized home office that is feels more seperated from where you may watch TV and relax. Best of both worlds!

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Small Living Room

Seta Armchair - loungeroom furniture

It’s time to sub out your sofa! It’s not a necessity to have a large-scale lounge in your Living Room, you can create a comfortable, cosy space with multiple armchairs that provide the generous proportions and extra comfort that you would expect from a larger sofa.  Try styles like the Seta Armchair or Alessia Accent Chair, both super soft and extra comfy – with the use of small side tables and a coffee table you can achieve the same look & comfort of a more expansive sofa. 

A Wonderful View

Sofa Set Manhattan 2 and 3 Seater - wonderful living room

If you have a large window or glass doors with a beautiful view, take advantage of this. Use this wall as your room's focal point and centre your seating around this, natural light is instantly refreshing and also allows you to bring the outside in. Complement the space with fresh greenery & tall pot plants to create cohesion between the inside and out.