How to Choose a Sofa to Suit Your Space

Brosa Seta 4 Seater Sofa with Chaise styled in modern contemporary living room

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Our sofas are where we spend so much of our time, whether we’re relaxing with a good show, chowing down on takeaway after a hard week, cuddling with our kids and pets, or having an incredible conversation with some mates. So, we don’t blame you if you’re feeling the pressure to get your choice of sofa right. It’ll be the centrepiece of your living room, and can make or break its overall aesthetic, tying your other pieces together or creating a disconnect.

There are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect sofa to suit your space. How many people does it need to seat? What size is your living room, and can it accommodate a couch of your chosen size? What style are your other furniture pieces? How do you like to lounge – are you sprawled out all weekend long, or is your sofa just an occasional place to sit?

All of these questions and more will inform how you select the right sofa. Keep reading and we’ll take you through each of the key elements that contribute to finding the ideal couch, ultimately giving you the confidence to make that all-important decision.

Sofa sizes

First up, let’s talk size – because when it comes to your sofa, size really does matter! The size of the sofa you ultimately end up choosing will depend on a few things, including how many people you envision being able to seat, and the size of the room you’re putting it in. There are a few sizes and styles to choose from that range from total space-saver to luxurious, large lounger.

Sofa beds

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Sofa beds are an incredible choice if you’re looking for minimalism and functionality. If you ever need to host guests overnight, simply transform by pulling or flipping out the inbuilt mattress and you’ll be good to go! They also look great, and most importantly, are quite simplistic and small when in sofa mode.

2-seater sofas

2-seater sofas do exactly what they say on the tin – comfortably seat two people, or possibly more if you’ve got little ones (or just like to snuggle). This sofa size works best in a smaller home with fewer people, or as an accompaniment to other seating like armchairs or a larger sofa. If you don’t regularly entertain guests, you might just be able to get away with the 2-seater sofa as your only living room seating.

3-seater sofas

3-seater sofas create even more space for entertaining, so if you love a good party (or just a chill night in with wine and friends) then this size might be right for you. It’s also the most typical size for a sofa in your stock standard living room, so if you’re not sure what to choose, this might be a good place to start! It’ll comfortably seat a three-person household, and paired with an armchair or ottoman nearby, creates a warm environment for conversation and hanging out. Oh, and PS – the best part of a 3-seater is being able to stretch right out after a hard day’s work!

Modulars and sectionals

Brosa Palermo 3 Seater Modular Sofa with Chaise styled in coastal living room

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Finally, the largest size of sofa is also the most customisable – we’re talking modulars and sectionals. These sofas usually feature a chaise section, and can be arranged to suit your room and home by swapping the side the chaise is on, or mixing and matching components. They’re ideal for seating an entire, bigger family, and make a great backdrop for hosting guests. Plus, the chaise section devises the perfect atmosphere to recline whilst still spending time with family… and not hogging the whole couch.

Ultimately, when it comes to size, you’ll want to select something that creates a cosy and welcoming space for the whole family to enjoy without overwhelming your living space. There’s no point in investing in a huge couch that’ll just cause drama and inefficiency to manoeuvre around, or that’ll destroy the ambiance you’ve so carefully constructed. Use your better judgment to find the size that works for you and makes your living room feel whole!

Sofa styles

With size nailed down, style is your next consideration, and a huge contributor to whether your sofa suits your space. We’re going to run through a few popular, overarching design tendencies and lay out what a sofa in that style might look like… let’s go!

Classic traditional

Classic traditional is cool, calm and collected, with a very palatable feel and elements that’ll suit many a home. It’s practical yet pretty, and features a few unique hallmarks that you’ll see in sofas of this style. A classic traditional sofa will likely be in a neutral or cool colour, such as white, cream, grey, navy or dusty blue. With wooden accents and flourishes in its style, the classic traditional sofa appeals to all generations, and will create a peacefulness in your home.

Mid century modern

Youthful and functional, with geometric elements, mid-toned wood and fun pops of colour, mid century modern furniture is very on-trend right now. Its sense of style toes the line between artistic and practical, so a mid century sofa will likely combine a bright hue or textured fabric with smooth lines and a sleek design.

French Provincial

Brosa Provence 3 Seater Sofa styled in French Provincial living room

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French Provincial furniture takes its cues from the 18th and 19th centuries, and practically oozes old world Parisian chic. It’s definitely a stylised choice, with curlicues, embellishments and accents at every turn, but is undeniably beautiful and classic. You’ll find a French Provincial sofa in a neutral shade, possibly with a luxe curved style and some tufting on the backrest. Depending on your existing aesthetic, you can really dress up a French Provincial piece, or you can dial it down.

Modern contemporary

Minimalist, chic and sleek, modern contemporary furniture perfectly fits an up-to-date aesthetic that plays on monochromatic tones and sharp lines. Modern contemporary sofas are usually quite straight up and down, with a clean, neutral feel that’s still stylish. If you’re looking to add a little flair, source something with a few small accents, like metal legs or a unique fabric.


Brosa Oslo 3 Seater Sofa styled in Scandinavian living room

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Finally, Scandinavian (AKA Scandi!) is a beloved furniture style that’s becoming more and more popular as we lean into minimalism and the hygge – relaxed and comfortable ​​– way of life. Scandi pieces are defined by their sleek frames, light wood, neutral tones and focus on practicality. As a result, a Scandinavian-inspired sofa will definitely include some of these elements, without compromising comfort or beauty.

Our top tip for deciding what style to select for your new sofa is to really consider its place in your room, and the context your other furniture pieces create. Try to pull out key elements like colour, texture and shape from your existing furniture and translate this to your sofa’s style.

Sofa fabrics

Brosa Florence Velvet Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa styled in new art deco living room

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It might seem like an insignificant thing, but the fabric your sofa is made out of is actually crucial to its ‘feel’ and the way it suits your space. If you’re dealing with a lot of same-same and want to mix it up, texture is key, and conversely, it’s just as important a consideration if the goal is to keep things feeling low-key and neutral or to pare the room back. Here are our top picks for sofa fabrics to suit an array of aesthetics.


Silky soft and gorgeous to boot, velvet is a go-to choice for sofa material, and feels indulgent without being off-the-charts pricey. Whether you opt for a bold and bright colour, or something toned down and neutral, velvet will keep the mood high and add some visual excitement to any room. Velvet sofas are also quite easy to clean, and if looked after correctly, can last a lifetime.


Leather sofas are extremely durable, making them a perfect candidate for a house that’s home to pets and children (or just has a lot of rowdy parties… no judgment). It’s smooth to the touch, and looks incredible, but can be prone to marks and scratches if not looked after properly. Plus, if you’re allergy-prone, leather is the ultimate choice with no loops to trap dust. Ultimately, leather sofas are a gorgeous and timeless option if you’re looking to add a little luxe.

Signature Premium

Many of our sofas are constructed from Brosa’s Signature Premium material, an exclusive blend that can be easily cleaned, looks stylish, and has tonnes of lasting power. Soft as linen but ten times simpler to maintain, Signature Premium comes in a huge range of colours and is an option on almost all of our sofa styles and sizes.

Be sure that you select a fabric that satisfies everything you need from your sofa. Consider these things: Is it easy to clean? Does it show marks or hide them easily? What is your family like – are they prone to mess, or relatively clean? Is it a comfortable fabric for everyone to sit on? And, lastly, how does it look?

Sofa colour

Brosa Camden Chesterfield 2 Seater Sofa styled in classic traditional living room

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The final puzzle piece (and perhaps the most exciting one!) when selecting a new sofa to adorn and fit out your home is colour. It can really set the tone in the room, whether you want to create a calming sanctuary, a positive party vibe or simply a warm and friendly family feeling.


A neutral-coloured sofa doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring one – in fact, we’re seeing a shift towards warm neutrals like oatmeal, tan, beige, chocolate, cream and more, and paired together these tones can create a cosy and minimalist visual identity. It’ll give the room a sense of calm, and suits a range of styles. If you like to decorate more on the eclectic side, a neutral sofa will ground the space, and if you’re all about a chill, tonal look, it’ll complement your other furniture pieces.

Dark tones

Dark colours work especially well for big pieces like sofas, as these items get used so regularly – and dark provides a great base to hide stains and scuffs! Plus, they really make the sofa a statement piece and a focal point in the room. Opt for dark greys, black, or darker jewel tones like navy blue, bottle green and deep purple, to complement a minimal or mid century look.

Bright colours

Brosa John 2 Seater Sofa styled in mid century modern living room

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Of course, you’ve got the opportunity to show off a little personality with a sofa in a brighter colour. Whether you’re obsessed with blue, love an olive green, or are pretty in pink, a statement sofa colour will draw the eye and really add some excitement to your space, even if the other elements are relatively neutral.

With size, style, material and colour all down-pat, all there’s left to do is find that piece that really checks all the boxes. A new sofa will totally refresh your space, whether that’s a living room or somewhere else in the room, and of course, will ensure you’ve got a practical way to relax and entertain guests in style.

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