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Sofas: How to Find Your Perfect Style

Sofas are one piece of furniture that people often take for granted. They expect most living spaces to include these plush seats, but often fail to consider the visual impact of a sofa when designing a room. 

Simply buying the first sofa you find on sale could leave your room feeling unfinished or poorly designed. Investing in the right sofa can make all the difference for a living space.

 A sofa can do a lot more than offering a place to rest after a long day at work. It can help set the mood for a romantic evening in or help make a space more inviting to guests. It can draw the eye to the centre or edge of the room and help control the flow of foot traffic. 

You need to consider many factors when the time comes to buy a new designer sofa

A black sofa with pink rug

Do You Want Something Bold Or Neutral?

Generally speaking, you can break sofas into two main visual categories. Neutral sofas will work in just about any space, but they probably won't provide much design appeal. 

Bold colours, design elements, or patterns, on the other hand, could make your sofa the focal point of a room and a conversation piece. 

Consider Colour and Patterns Carefully 

a blue sofa in a designer space

Colour is one of the most critical factors in how a sofa fits into any given space. In a room with a single dominant colour on the walls and furniture, choosing a contrasting sofa can tie the whole space together. A bright blue or vibrant burnt orange would pop against more neutral walls and light-coloured furniture. 

On the other hand, if you already have eye-catching accent pieces in the room, neutral, solid colours for your sofa could be the best choice. 

Similarly, carefully consider the way a pattern will fit with the existing design in your living room. Patterns can help something stand out from the background, but they can also overwhelm if the room already features many textures, colours, or patterns. 

Shape and Style Are Also Critical

Not all sofas even have the same basic shape or structure. Classical pieces often feature beautifully finished and polished wood in the legs, armrests, and even along the back. Modern designs may feature metal legs, while contemporary pieces may not have visible legs or feet at all. 

Accent pieces often benefit from having a little extra flair. Consider the option of armrests that open out into a space, instead of those that only offer vertical support. 

Also consider if you want something boxy, rounded, or just casual and inviting. An overstuffed sofa provides a much different style element than something sleek. 

How Heavily Will You Use the Sofa?

A blue sofa in a designed space

In addition to visual design elements, you also need to think about the practical uses of your sofa. If the room already has another couch or upholstered chair, or if you live alone or with just one other person, a two-person sofa could be your best option. It won't take up much space, but it will provide comfortable seating for two adults or three (possibly four) children. 

For those who routinely host parties, have multiple roommates or children, or who just like to spread out, a three-seater sofa may be a better choice. Bigger sofas work well in bigger rooms or in spaces that require as much seating as possible. They can also be a great option if you enjoy taking catnaps in the living room during the day. 

Do You Have Children? 

Children, especially very young kids and teenagers, can generate a lot of wear and tear on a sofa. Small children may not be able to resist jumping on the cushions or stealing them to build a fort. Teenagers may use a couch like a bed, flopping dramatically over the back or armrests or draping their limbs off it at odd angles. 

Both the actual style of the sofa, as well as the material used to upholster and stuff it, will vary. If you have children, longer-lasting fabrics, such as artificial suede or leather, may be a better option than something plush. Consider how the upholstery will wear and age when buying a sofa, and try to err on the side of caution regarding longevity and deterioration. 

The stuffing or filling for the backing, armrests, and cushions should also reflect the amount of wear and use you anticipate. Denser fillings, like memory foam, may hold up better to the abuse a sofa will experience in a house with kids or teenagers. After all, you want your new sofa to last for years, not flatten out like a pancake after a few months.

Will It Double as a Guest Bed? 

A navy sofa in a designed space

Does your home feature a guest bedroom? Do your children often have friends stay over? Do you routinely host family members for holidays? Depending on your answers, having a sofa that doubles as a bed could be a solid choice for your home. 

Modern sleeper sofas are much more attractive and comfortable than their predecessors. Sofa beds these days may look just like their standard cousins until you pull the cushions out. 

Is the Sofa for Daily Use or Special Events?

Many sofas end up becoming the primary seating in the space they occupy. People feel naturally drawn to an inviting, plush sofa. You will need to consider how much use your sofa will get. A sofa that sees daily use will likely serve you better if it has a comfortable look and durable design. 

If you intend to place the sofa in a more formal space, such as a parlour or similar room, you may have more flexibility about colours and fabric options. 

For example, white upholstery won't be the best selection for the sofa where you eat snacks while binge-watching a show. However, stark white upholstery could create a sense of cleanliness in a formal sitting room used by guests. 
Choosing the perfect sofa for your style doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you understand your needs and design desires, you can make a more informed choice that you will enjoy for years to come.

Choosing the perfect sofa for your style doesn't have to be hard. Just browse our range of designer sofas online at Brosa to find a style you’ll love!