10 Simple Tricks to Decorate Your Living Room

We've come up with ten helpful tricks that will help maximise your living room - whether you're looking to redecorate, rearrange or simply refresh. 

1. Make the Most of the Space You Have

frank 3 seater sofa with chaise - living room furniture

Couch displayed - Frank 3 seater sofa with chaise

It doesn't matter if you have a large, open plan living room with plenty of natural light or a smaller room nestled between the kitchen and bedroom, you can work with a space of any size to make it somewhere you want to be. One key design aspect that you always want to maximise is the access to natural light - whether this be framed with industrial styled windows or through a sky light, re-arrange your living room furniture to harness this beautiful element of light. For larger spaces, create a reading or seating nook near the light source, this can elevate your productivity levels and create a place to seek respite within the room. For smaller living areas think about how you can cast this glow throughout your room - soft drapes, light colours and warming textures will make the room feel larger and more inviting than it originally was. 

2. Every Room Should Feel Unique

Oslo 3 seater sofa with chaise - Scandinavian styled couch

Couch displayed - Oslo 3 seater sofa with chaise

Draw inspiration from sources like design shows, websites (the Brosa website it the perfect place to start), and popular print magazines to help find your dream interior style. You can incorporate a design theme, specific colour schemes, or creative displays you see elsewhere while adding your personal spin to the room's design. Start with finding your home's overarching style - do you have a more coastal Hampton style house or perhaps you're inspired by simple & chic Scandinavian Design - whatever the overarching theme is, stick with it whilst creating seasonal trend updates. This could include updating the soft furnishings on your sofa, swapping your glass table for a round coffee table, or including brass gold accents in the way of side tables or lamps, whilst still staying true to your overarching theme.

3. One Stand-Out Piece Can Make a Room

a well decorated designer living room - ada swivel accent chair

If you're considering a dramatic sofa or a truly unique coffee table, don't shy away from going bold. A single eye-catching piece of furniture or art can serve as a focal point for the room and tie in all the other design elements. We are obsessed with our Ada swivel accent chair - it's super cute size, swivel feature and curved styling make it the perfect feature in any living room. 

4. Consider The Benefits of a Sofa Bed

a large sofa bed in a designed space

Couch displayed - Camden Chesterfield 3 seater sofa bed 

Floor space is always a premium and that's why sofa beds provide the best of both worlds - a beautifully styled couch that can be swiftly converted into a comfortable spare bed whenever it is required. If you have a more classic or traditionally styled home, couches like the Camden Chesterfield make for the best sofa bed option as they speak to that classic design whilst also providing the sofa bed functionality, If you have a more contemporary styled home, there are a plethora of options, including sizes that range from a single to a queen size bed. The great thing about modern sofa beds is that they aren't bulky and unattractive like the futons of decades past. Instead, they combine modern design elements for attractive seating with the comfort of advanced materials for a superior sleep experience. Your guests will thank you, and clean-up after a sleepover will be a breeze. Shop Sofa Beds.

5. Get Creative with How You Design Your Space; Revolutionary Recliners

Sloan Electric Recliner Chair

Calypso Recliner Chair - Aubergine Purple

The design of your home should highlight the unique elements of the room, as well as your own personal style. There are no hard rules in interior design, be as creative as you want when incorporating styles and items you love into a comfortable and livable space. For simple trend updates think about restyling your space with feature furnishings - bold side tables, beautifully crafted coffee tables and armchairs. For a simple but effective update to your Living Room introduce one of Brosa's new recliner chairs - sleek and modern designs take the comfort of an old fashion recliner yet re-imagined into a contemporary eye-catching style. Available in various single seat options alongside an incredible 2-seater loveseat style. For more inspiration on the new electric recliner chair range visit our blog page.

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6. Integrate Storage Space in Unexpected Ways

chest of drawers used as storage in living room

Chest of Drawers used to highlight Living Room Space - Ethan Large Chest of Drawers

Living rooms are just that: spaces where we want to live. That means the room may be used for a variety of purposes, such as entertaining guests, working on hobbies or school projects, and relaxing with a movie or your favourite show. Simple storage solutions can help maximise your space, ensuring it makes for an entertainers paradise turned makeshift meditation space whenever needed. For smaller spaces, think about integrating storage into all your essential pieces of furniture as you may not have room for extra sideboards or entertainment units. Storage ottomans are a great way at providing additional seating whilst also introducing storage in an inventive way. Another great storage hack is the Austin Full Sleeper Modular Sofa Bed - not only providing the added benefit of an extra bed, the Austin sofa also has sneaky under seat storage perfect for keeping additonal blankets and cushions when not in use. For more conventional storage solutions look at choosing an entertainment unit or tv unit with drawers to hide all your essential gadgets, whilst still looking chic within the space. 

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7. Integrate Your Home Office Seamlessly Into Your Living Room

Home office inspiration - make your living room work for you




Mid-century modern Living room featuring the Frank Collection

Working from home is no longer the rarity, but like most people you may not have an extra room that you can dedicate to your home office. Seamlessly integrating a dedicated working space into your Living Room is easier than you think, it all starts with finding the optimal desk or table. Find a desk that suits the styling of your living room, this way it will blend into the space when not in use. If you work from home on the odd occasion think about utilising a tall side table or console table, it makes for the perfect standing desk when in use but can be transformed back into a console table when cleared. Find more home office inspiration on our website. 

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8. Showing Off Your Television Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Greta Entertainment Unit - Living Room Furniture

Greta Entertainment Unit & Huber Coffee Table 

Modern television stands and entertainment units are often as attractive and sleek as the televisions they support. 
The right television stand won't just blend into your walls as you stare at the screen. Instead, it will provide either a blending of other colours and elements or a point of contrast in your living room. Contemporary styles like the Greta Entertainment Unit inject a sense of glamour into a traditionally boring piece of furniture - terrazzo handles & polished brass legs are combined with functional closed storage and shelves to really elevate your living room space.

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9. Bookcases Can House More than Your Favorite Fiction 

Bookcases and bookshelves within your living room

Bookcase on display - Mia Wide Bookcase

Have a collection of small statues you want to display? Is your family too big to put pictures of everyone on the walls without overwhelming the space? Just remember that you can use larger storage units, like shelving and bookcases, for more than just your collection of print books. Both bookcases and wall shelves can offer you creative solutions for both storage purposes and display needs. 

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10. You Don't Need Perfectly Matching Furniture

Living Room Furniture Styles - Daybed Scandinavian

Sofa on display - Theron Day Bed 

There's something elegant about a room with a coordinated furniture set, everything perfectly matches with one overarching theme. But the thing about interiors is that there are no set rules - make your living room uniquely yours by interpreting the trend and bringing it to life in your own personal way. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when combining furniture from different collections; 

- Combine different pieces with a united design feature (same wood tone, similar fabrications) 

- Stick to 1 or 2 overarching styles (Hampton's & Traditional, Modern & Contemporary) 

- Use similar styling props throughout the room 

- Add your own personal touch with pieces that have sentimental value 

Start finding inspiration for your living room with our range of furniture pieces and decor online at Brosa today.