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10 Simple Tricks to Decorate Your Living Room

For many guests and acquaintances, the entryway, guest bathroom, and living room may be the only spaces in the home they see. 

That's why careful design and planning, as well as regular cleaning and attention to organisation, can go a long way to how people perceive you and your home. We've come up with ten helpful tips to maximise your use and enjoyment of your living room. 

1. Make the Most of the Space You Have

a designed living space

Whether you have a large, open living room with plenty of natural light or a smaller room nestled between the kitchen and your bedroom, work with what the space has to offer. Spend time looking at the movement of light through the space during the day. Plan the placement of your furnishings and television accordingly. 
Glare can be a significant source of annoyance when you're hosting friends to binge-watch a show. However, cramped spaces without room to walk can also cause issues. 

2. Every Room Should Feel Unique

It's normal and completely acceptable to draw inspiration from sources like design shows, websites, and popular print magazines. You can incorporate a design theme, specific colour schemes, or creative displays you see elsewhere while adding your personal spin to the room's design.
You can have a room that's glossy magazine ready without lifting every element and concept from someone else's interior design. 

3. One Stand-Out Piece Can Make a Room

a well decorated designer living room

If you're considering a dramatic sofa or a truly unique coffee table, don't shy away from going bold. A single eye-catching piece of furniture or art can serve as a focal point for the room and tie in all the other design elements. 

4. Consider The Benefits of a Sofa Bed

a large sofa bed in a designed space
For those living in urban areas where floor space is at a premium or where you don’t have a spare bedroom, the living room may double as a guest space when someone sleeps over. 
Purchasing a comfortable and attractive sofa bed can let you keep the space inviting for daily use while still allowing your guests to rest in comfort during an overnight visit. 
The great thing about modern sofa beds is that they aren't bulky and unattractive like the futons of decades past. 
Instead, they combine modern design elements for attractive seating with the comfort of advanced materials for a superior sleep experience. Your guests will thank you, and clean-up after a sleepover will be a breeze. 

5. Get Creative with How You Design the Space

The design of your room should highlight the unique elements of the room and your home, as well as your unique personal style. There are no hard rules in interior design, so you can be as creative as you want when incorporating styles and items you love into a comfortable and livable space. 

6. Integrate Storage Space in Unexpected Ways

a coffee table used for storage in a designed space
Living rooms are just that: spaces where people spend time during the day. That means the room may be used for a variety of purposes, such as entertaining guests, working on hobbies or school projects, and relaxing with a movie or your favourite show. 
Those many uses indicate that you'll need to store items, ranging from throw pillows and blankets to craft supplies. 
Shelving, end tables, and dressers can all provide storage space. However, consider sneaky storage solutions like storage ottomans for containing regularly-used but bulky or unattractive items. These allow you to clean and organise a space while keeping it stocked with what you need. 

7. You Don't Need to Display Everything

a minimal designed living room

If you're like most people, you probably have a pretty extensive collection of movies, whole seasons of television shows, and even video games. 
Given that your living room typically hosts your largest television, it's natural to want to display your entertainment collection in the same space. Adding a bookcase stocked with your favourites, as well as some decorative elements, can be a great idea. 
Just remember that you don't have to put everything your own out in plain sight. Some of your collection can go in a disc binder/organiser, in a closet, or just in a drawer under your television console. Too many options will overwhelm your guests and dominate the whole room. 

8. Showing Off Your Television Doesn't Have to Be Boring

a designer entertainment unit
Modern television stands and entertainment units are often as attractive and sleek as the televisions they support. 
The right television stand won't just blend into your walls as you stare at the screen. Instead, it will provide either a blending of other colours and elements or a point of contrast in your living room. 
Make sure you select a unit that's large enough to avoid looking dwarfed by your television. Also, unlike the bulky stands and consoles of the past, don't expect to store everything in your television stand. It will probably have space for a few select movies, a disc player, and your speaker system, not much more. 

9. Bookcases Can House More than Your Favorite Fiction 

a bookshelf in a designed space

Have a collection of small statues you want to display? Is your family too big to put pictures of everyone on the walls without overwhelming the space? Just remember that you can use larger storage units, like shelving and bookcases, for more than just your collection of print books. 
Both bookcases and wall shelves can offer you creative solutions for both storage purposes and display and design needs. Alternate every other shelf or ban the books to the lowest levels, with décor on the eye-level shelving. 

10. You Don't Need Perfectly Matching Furniture

a contrasting bookshelf and sofa in a designed space
Sure, there's something elegant about a room that houses a coordinated furniture set. Nothing is stopping you from purchasing a lounge suite of matching plush furniture. However, the colour and shape of that set should have contrasting colours or differing shapes in other design elements elsewhere in the space. 
Don't fall into the trap of using only one main colour or going for all neutral tones. Paint one wall in bold colours or invest in a colourful sofa that stands out against eggshell walls and beige carpet. 
Refinish a wooden dresser with an eye-catching top coat or purchase small elements, like art, to spice up the space. 
Start finding inspiration for your living room with our range of furniture pieces and decor online at Brosa today.