Kick back in style with our range of Electric Recliners - smooth transition mechanisms, electric buttons, waterproof fabric and slick style - a classic with a modern twist.

Kick back with class

Wondering if you’ll ever find the right recliner? Worried that it won’t match your furniture? Finding the perfect recliner can be a challenge. Finding it here needn’t be. Our new range of recliner chairs offers a perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics. Yes, comfort comes at a price, but it’s one you’ll love.

Oh boy. A new way to kick back.

Who wouldn’t want one? You’ll love our electric recliner chairs. With a touch of a button you'll be transported into relaxation bliss. Our armchair and 2-seater recliners are perfect for friends and family. Built for comfort, quality, and durability, our recliner chairs offer you comfort in more ways than one.

You can finally relax

Finding the right recliner is now even easier. If you’re not too happy with your recliner, you can return it within 21 days. No questions asked. We deliver to across Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Our competitive prices enable you to finally own your dream chair. One that looks and feels good.

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