How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Hallway

Most people neglect the hallway as a critical area of focus when decorating a home. After all, the hall is just a passage from one part of the house to another, right? Not so. You can personalize your hallway space more easily than you can with other rooms because there is less area to worry about. 

One of the quickest ways to add a little spice to your hallway is by putting down an area rug, also called a runner. We have a few bits of advice on how to choose the right area rug for your hallway.
An area rug in a designed hallway

Measure Twice, Place Once

You can't be too careful in knowing how much room you have in your hallway, including door space and protruding furniture. To start off, get a tape measure. Hook the tape measure on a doorway or something sturdy at one end of the hallway. Walk all the way down to the other end with the tape measure and note the distance.

Do the same thing from one side to the other. Make sure you're perfectly parallel with the direction of the hallway on each measurement. Doing this gives you the length and width of floor you can use. You'll want a small section of bare floor to show either side as well.

Choosing Fabric

a large rug in a designed space
You might think the visual design is the most important aspect, but it isn't. What you should focus on is what fabric is used in the runner because this will affect how much it costs. 

A wool rug, for example, makes some of the most durable rugs with thick pile and easy maintenance. They’re great for areas with high foot traffic - especially hallways!

Natural fibres like cotton, jute, and seagrass all have their benefits. Cotton can be dyed and is quite cheap. Natural fibres aren't always as durable as you'd like, especially jute.


a patterned rug in a designed space
Now you can start thinking about the appearance of your area rug. The pattern of the rug needs to match or complement the walls and ceiling of the hallway. If your walls are bold colours, the rug's design needs to be more subdued so as not to overwhelm the viewer. The reverse also holds true sometimes.

For subtle decor or formal settings, it's acceptable to have a conservative hallway rug with a natural tone rather than to have it in a bold shade.

Simple geometric patterns work the best for area rugs in almost all settings. You don't need to have a lot of abstract art or designs on a rug because it can look too busy. 

If you're going for an ultra-modern look, then abstract artwork can suffice, but for more traditional settings keep the decor looking simple. Use rugs that incorporate basic lines, shapes, and colour transitions into their designs. The colours should be somewhat muted.

If you want an intricate, beautiful pattern, look for Persian carpet. Rug weaving has been an art in the Middle East for centuries, with many pieces are works of art in museums the world over.


a coloured rug in a designed hallway space
Now it's time to dust off what you may have learned in art classes in school: the method of combining colours in composition. Colours are laid out on a wheel, arranged in order of hue: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and everything in between. 

A simple design method is to use complementary colours; that is, colours opposite one another on the wheel. Common pairs include red/green, orange/blue, and yellow/purple. Shades and tints of these colours also apply.

You can also go with split complementary colours. These are two colours that are directly adjacent to a complementary colour.

If you have a wall or floor that's cream-coloured verging on yellow, a rich, dark purple rug is a good complementary choice. You want the rug to stand out as an accent piece.

Many rugs have a multicoloured pattern. When judging what to get, look at the runner and decide what the rug's dominant hue is. This way, you can effectively pick where it should go and what it should complement.

Take your time when choosing an area rug for your hallway. Area rugs can be expensive, so you should get the most value for your money. You need to make sure it's the right size, the right fabric, and the right pattern and colour for you. 

We have a large selection of rugs to choose from, so feel free to ask any questions you have about how the rugs will fit with your given decor or browse our collection today.