How to Choose a Rug That Suits Your Style

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There are so many things that go into selecting a rug – colour, material, texture and pattern, to name a few – but arguably the top consideration is always style. The aesthetic you’ve built in your home or a specific room is a reflection of your unique taste, and chances are it’s been carefully curated over time to now form something that you love. So, when you’re shopping for something new to lay down on the floor, style is king (or queen).

Depending on the vibe of your existing furniture and homewares pieces, some rugs will work better than others. There’s a whole range of things to mull over, from pattern and colour to texture, material, shape and design trends. Want to know more? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to choosing a rug that suits your style.

Assessing your style

Step one is to do an audit of sorts, pinpointing what makes your style wholly yours. Certain styles have specific aesthetic markers that can make identifying which lane you sit in an easier task – for instance, Scandinavian pieces are usually light wood, white or grey, and use clean lines and minimalist accents. Pull out key colours, shapes or textures that you find you use regularly, as these can help influence the pieces you purchase down the track.

If your style doesn’t fit into one particular bucket, that’s okay! It just means that you’re influenced by multiple looks and feels, but there will still be a throughline that classifies what’s uniquely yours. Do you use dark tones, light tones or a mix of both? Are your furniture pieces ornate and carved, or sleek and simplistic? Note down the elements that really characterise your style (or, if you’re all about mixing it up in your home, that particular room). With these on paper, you’ll be well-equipped to start your hunt for a gorgeous new rug that really suits your space.

But, what about those of us who are starting from scratch? Defining your interior style can be a tough job, but it’s likely you have a much better idea than you may think. With a clean slate in front of you, you’ll be privileged enough to see the room holistically, piecing things together as you go. Remember, although rugs are beautiful, they’re ‘nice to haves’ – so don’t feel as if you have to pick one before you’ve even found the right sofa. Wait until there’s a roughly-established style in the space, and then start your search.

Selecting the right rug

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By now, you will have made a note (mental or paper, it’s up to you) of the design elements that you like and that are reflected in the space you’re trying to style up with a rug. With these in mind, it’s time to start looking for the perfect accent piece to liven up your room. There are a few things to consider, and you’ll use the characteristics already in your space or design arsenal to influence the choices you make. Here’s what to think about when you’re selecting a rug:

  • Colour and pattern – Pick an accent colour from your scheme, or go neutral to give the rug a relaxed, understated feel.
  • Texture – This major consideration can totally change the feel of your rug. Think about the room it’s going in, how you’ll use it and whether your rug is designed to be functional or just beautiful.
  • Material – Materials matter! A silk rug will create a completely different experience to a wool one, and some suit specific styles better than others.
  • Shape – If there are already geometric shapes present in your room, reflect this style choice through the shape of your rug. Rectangular rugs aren’t the limit anymore – square, circular and even oval-shaped rugs are just as popular.

Each of these elements can stand on their own, but ultimately, they tie into the style you’ve established in the room. A classic traditional home might suit a luxe rectangular rug in beige or grey silk, whereas a mid-century modern living room could easily house a woven wool rug with thick loops in a standout colour.

What rug styles are trending? 

Feeling a little uninspired? Or, perhaps you just need a nudge to work out what kind of rug will suit your particular style. Never fear; we’re breaking down our favourite styles of the minute and the ideal rug for each vibe. Let’s go…

Contemporary global style

Brosa Tribeca Oyster Sand Wool Rug

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Influenced by the cultures of the world, contemporary global style is perfect for the modern nomad – the avid traveller, exploration addict and knowledge-seeker. Homes in this style will incorporate tribal elements in a respectful and subtle way, using earthy tones like brown, tan and black to tie everything together. Think quality craftsmanship, medium wood tones, simple yet curved shapes, raw materials and natural accents.

Create this style on your own floor with a rug that’s minimal and earthy but still has some visual interest. Tightly-woven loops in a neutral colour such as ochre, cream or chocolate establish this style in an uncontrived and seamless way.

Our pick: Tribeca Rug in Oyster Sand

Warm modern classic

Brosa Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug

Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug | Shop all rugs

Typically, modern style can err on the side of cold – often represented by an achromatic (black, white and grey) colour palette, modern homes use sleek elements and clean materials like glass to achieve an almost futuristic vibe. But, modern doesn’t have to be confined to these style tenets anymore, especially as trends move towards warm neutral colour palettes and a lived-in look. Give your modern home a little calming comfort by adding tones of tan, cream, warm white, beige and even rust.

When it comes to your rug, if this style sounds on-point, opt for something that contrasts with your flooring even a little – so, if you’re working with light wood, go a bit deeper with a darker-toned tan, or give an airy feel with cream. Another way to bring those cosy vibes into a modern apartment or home is through texture. Plush rugs with longer fibres will do the trick, as will something textured.

Our pick: Staten Natural Jute Wool Rug

Stripped-back, barefoot luxury

Brosa Ainsley Porcelain Ivory Wool Shag Rug

Ainsley Porcelain Ivory Wool Shag Rug | Shop all rugs

Finally, the last trend we’re seeing – especially when it comes to the world of rugs – is a chic stripped-back look. Think wooden furniture, often with a raw finish, a mix of earthy tones and soft yet natural fibres. The overall result is a home that feels comforting and lived-in, but still pared back and minimal in its efforts.

Reflect this through your rug by opting for something in a warm neutral shade of brown, cream or tan. Once again, a thicker pile will give that plush look and feel, and in this case is reminiscent of fibres found in nature. The best bit is, these rugs are ultimately soft, making them both pretty and practical in your home.

Our pick: Ainsley Porcelain Ivory Wool Shag Rug

Styling your rug in your space

Now that you’re confident in your style, and have all the tools you need to make a choice – if you haven’t already purchased your new rug, that is – it’s time to think about styling. Rugs might seem easy to style because you simply pop them down on the floor… but there’s surprisingly more to it than that! Here are a few small things to take into account when you’ve got a rug in your hot little hands and are ready to get styling.

When it comes to rug styling, placement is key. Where you put your rug in the space is everything, so take some time to really mull it over. Your best bet is to centre it against an ‘anchor’ piece of furniture, using the same horizontal axis for the rug. Read our guide to selecting a rug size and placing it in your home for more tips.

The other thing that’s worth considering is adding highlights to show off the rug in all of its glory. If your rug of choice is bringing a new style element to the space, you might like to reflect it in other parts of the room with an accent piece of furniture or homewares. Rely on like-minded colours and textures to bring everything together in a cohesive way.

Rugs are a beautiful way to extend your design sensibilities in a way that encompasses the entire room – so, if you’re shopping for one, style should be your top consideration. Discover our range of on-trend rugs and grab your fave today with Australia-wide shipping. Not sure which one’s right for your space? Try it on with our virtual styling services, or speak to one of our interior design experts today.