How to Hang Your Wall Art

Finding the right wall art is only half of the battle. Now that you’ve seen the perfect piece, it is time to hang your wall art. 

Hanging wall art isn’t tough to tackle if you figure out which bit goes in what place, how to hang the items correctly, and even how to install without using power tools. Make your house more of a home once you learn how to hang your wall art. 

how to hang wall art

How to Hang Your Wall Art

Now that you’ve found the perfect picture to hang on your wall, it’s all a matter of putting it at the right height to complement your home. 

Whether you have several photos to hang or just one, these are the basic instructions for hanging wall art: 

  • Measure the difference between where the nail would sit and the top of the art. The nail typically sits on the frame or the hanging wire. You need to account for this distance later.  
  • Hang the art so it is between 144 to 152 centimetres off the ground. This puts it at the average person’s eye level. 
  • Mark the spot on the wall and hammer in a nail. In some cases, a second nail is necessary to support the weight of the picture. 
  • Hang the frame and use a level to make sure it is even. Nudge it up and down until your level indicates it is even. (Don’t have a level? There is an app for that!)

Different Options for Hanging Your Wall Art

If you do not want to leave holes in your wall, there are more options now than ever before for wall art installation. Try one of these creative alternatives used by interior designers: 
  • Add Command strips to the wall for hanging photos. They offer products specifically for frames. Three pieces work for jumbo frames, and you only need one strip for small frames. 
  • Use a pegboard as a backdrop and hang everything from pegboard hangers. This also works the same way with corkboard. You can cover an entire wall with cork or pegboard. 
  • Add a bit of flair with decorative tape. Washi tape sticks to the wall but doesn’t pull away paint. 
  • Instead of hanging, just stick to leaning framed pieces against the wall. This works well from the mantelpiece, on a credenza, or even from a desk. Some homeowners decide to hang a shelf and rest photos on the shelf. 
  • Stick some Velcro onto your lighter frames and hang them on the wall. Velcro does pull away the paint though. 
  • Purchase an easel and rest your artwork on the easel. It is easy to rotate out your most recent canvases.

wall art options

Don’t Have an Eye for Design? Try These Top Tips

Every home or office is a unique space with different lighting, décor, and wall colour selections. Not everyone can see a piece in the store and envision it on their wall. 

Use these top tips if you aren’t sure about where to start: 

  • Choose photos and art that you can imagine yourself looking at for years. Surround yourself with what inspires you, even if someone else might call it different. 
  • When hanging above a piece of furniture, be sure there are 15-20cm of space between the bottom of your art and the top of the furniture. You do not want someone’s head hitting your art when they sit on the sofa. If there isn’t enough space, the art is too large. 
  • Keep your wall art proportionate to your room. 
  1. Art should not span any more than two-thirds of your sofa’s length. 
  2. Pieces above the fireplace should go past the range of the fireplace but not beyond the length of the mantelpiece. 
  3. For the dining room, art shouldn’t be more than two-thirds of the table’s length. To even out the balance of your dining room, two photos may work better. 
  • Don’t be afraid to blend different styles. You can blend paintings with photos and choose options to suit your personal preferences, just be sure your selections even one another out.  
  1. The same idea applies for mixing sizes. The large artwork grounds the space, and smaller pieces round out the look. 
  • Aren’t sure? Stand back and take a photo of the space. If you saw this photo of someone else’s house, would you like it? Photos allow you to be impartial. 

how to hang wall art

Personalise Your Home with Wall Art

The right wall art says a lot about your home and its inhabitants. Whether you install with a hammer and nails or you stick to solutions that don’t create holes, a well-balanced wall hanging makes your house more of a home. You don’t need to be a design expert to balance your space with wall art.