5 Places to Use a Console Table 

Console tables are design elements that often get overlooked by homeowners. However, these relatively modern pieces of furniture have much to offer regarding both functional uses of a space and design. 
Typically, a console table is several times longer than it is deep. That means it can offer a lot of visual impact without taking up much space. They also sometimes come with rounded or oval tops. 

a white console table in a designed space

Console tables are more than mere decorations. They can serve many kinds of useful purposes in various rooms in your home, including:
•    displaying art or collectibles
•    organising an entryway
•    replacing larger pieces of furniture in smaller spaces
•    visually breaking up a large hallway
•    drawing focus to one part of a room
•    storing items fashionably
If you love the look of elegant and modern console tables but don't know where to place them, here are a handful of suggestions that will work with just about any design style. 

Reinvigorate a Hallway

a console table in a hallway

One of the most common placements for a console table is in a hallway, perhaps at the top of a set of stairs. These tables are typically much longer than they are wide, making them ideal for tight spaces. In some cases, storage such as drawers or doors could benefit the space, while in others, minimalist design is the perfect option. 

Why let a hallway become a dark, uninviting space? Using a console table to break up a hallway visually can make it less intimidating. The table can house a lamp or perhaps pictures of your family and loved ones. 

Some people may even use them as a means of helping guest navigate the space. Placing a console table near or across from a bathroom could make it much easier for guests to find. 

Extra Function in Your Bedroom or Home Office

a console table in a study space

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, not all of which are conducive to the placement of larger pieces of furniture. Do you wish you had a small vanity table for when you're getting dressed? Would a console table offer more storage and better balance to the space than a traditional nightstand? 

In many cases, a console table that fits with the style of the room may be a better option than bigger furniture. 
A console table can also help turn a spare room into a workable office. You can store supplies in the drawers or cabinets underneath while using the tabletop surface for a writing space or a computer. 

A console table will take up much less space than a traditional desk or full-size table and could make the room feel more inviting when you aren't actively using it as a home office. 

Add Convenience to Your Entryway

console table and bookcase in a designed space

If you want to set the mood for a space from the moment someone enters it, a console table is an ideal way to do so. You can provide a convenient place for people to place their keys by offering a key dish. 

Leaving the centre of the table open can also help provide a place to set down purses or briefcases. Consider adding coat hooks nearby or place a coat rack near the table for added convenience. 

A sturdy console table can also provide much-needed support for guests and those who live with you when they remove their shoes. If you don't have a bench or stool, a console table can help ensure stability for someone balancing on one leg. 

Finally, consider the visual impact of the table, as well as its potential uses in your entryway. Displays of knick-knacks and photographs can instill a sense of home as someone enters your house. It can also help tie the space into the overall design theme for your home, providing continuity from one end of the house to another. 

Additional Storage in Your Kitchen or Dining Room

a console table in a dining space

Forget those cumbersome buffets of old. These days, you can add storage to your dining room with a sleek console table that works with the overall feel of the room. Are you in need of just a little more storage for your cutlery, cloth napkins, or chargers? 

A console table can provide just enough storage space to offer convenience without dominating the space the way a large buffet or china cabinet might. 

Similarly, a console table can act as a stand-in for an island or bookshelves in your kitchen. A console can provide a space to store cookbooks or store extra supplies for cooking and serving. 

You can even use it as a television stand if you enjoy watching your favourite shows while cooking. It can also provide a dry space for setting or charging your phone while you work in the kitchen. 
Do you enjoy entertaining? Believe it or not, a console table may make the perfect bar. Instead of spending large amounts on a wet bar, you can move a console table into your kitchen or dining room space when you have guests coming. 
Set up refreshments, along with glasses, napkins, and condiments or snacks. Viola, you have an instant party space that won't detract from the room as a whole. 

Dress Up a Long or Large Wall

a console table near a large wall

In many homes, large or extra-long walls can pose serious design issues. Due to the movement of traffic or light through the room or hallway, placing a large piece of furniture against the wall may cause problems. However, just hanging a mirror or a painting on an extensive wall could make the space feel unused or imbalanced. 

A console table can break up the visual monotony of bigger walls without impeding the movement of people or light in the space. You can consider the colours, texture, and design of the space when selecting the console table.

Whether you want the table to draw the eye to that part of the room or to blend in while breaking up the monotony of the wall, you can find a console table that works in any space. Browse our full collection of console tables online at Brosa today to reinvigorate your space!