Green Chairs

Go green

There’s something about the colour green. Some say it represents harmony. Others, freshness. To us, it’s all about tasteful furniture. The thing about green furniture is that it isn’t always that easy to pull off. Luckily, our list of Green Chairs has been handpicked to fit right in with your existing furniture.

Green everything

We’ve put together a fabulous collection of Green Chairs to choose from. Take a look at our Espen Scoop Back Dining Chair in subtle tones of moss green. Or imagine impressing guests with an olive green Nottage Armchair.

All across Australia

We have an Australia-wide delivery network. Now shop online, whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or the outer regions. Our 21-day Return Policy allows you shop in peace. As for the prices, they don’t get more competitive than this. 

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