Upholstery Care

Keep your upholstery brand spankin' new with our Upholstery Care products. They'll be your knights in shining armour for those unexpected stains!

Fight the pain of stains

Red wine looks good in a glass, but not on your couch.

After all, there’s nothing worse than stained upholstery.

With the Warwick Halo Fabric Cleaner Kit, you needn’t ever worry about those clumsy guests. It comes with a Spot Cleaner, a Fabric Deodoriser as well as a Fabric Protector to keep your furniture looking brand new. 

We deliver everything

The size of your order doesn’t matter. We’ll deliver to your doorstep, be it in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or even the outer regions.

You’ll also have a full 21 days to return it should you feel dissatisfied with the product. No questions asked.

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